Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month, Day 30: Author Bret Alexander Sweet Talks About #BSFM

So we officially close our Black Speculative Fiction Month event starting tomorrow, with our usual Martial Artist Spotlight, but we just have one more interview left.

We almost met this author back in early October, when we ventured to Sacramento for KidLitCon. Obviously because we'd never been, and lack of time management, we weren't able to cross paths.

But we saved one of the best interviews for last on our Black Speculative Month event. His book "Among The Veils" made our Top Ten list of spec fic titles featuring Bi/Multi-Racial protganists of African descent.

Author Bret Alexander Sweet is always a pleasure to have on the blog. Here's what he has to say about Black Speculative Fiction Month.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Characters From The Motherland: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of African Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM

So we've highlighted Afro-Latinos, Bi/Multi-Racial and for the most part African American main characters in books. But what about the selected few who are able to identify with specific countries in Africa?

Many Black Americans have parents whom are immigrants from all over the continent of Africa. Since it's also the birth of humanity, it doesn't hurt to make a list highlighting main characters who can trace their ancestry before slavery.

For our last list, we cover Characters From The Motherland.
We'll try to make sure every book on the list can highlight specific countries, as opposed to pretending Africa is a monolithic continent, where every culture is the same. But if it's not stated, it is possibly a fictional world based on Africa.

Twinja Book Reviews Top 10 List of Speculative Fiction titles w/ AA protagonists #BSFM

After dedicating a fistful of lists featuring YA and MG categories, We wanted to shed light on some Adult novels with strong #Specfic themes.

Yes, you'll probably find some authors and titles that you're all familiar but we hope you discover some new titles as well on our Top Ten List of Speculative Fiction w/ African American protagonists.

A Black Panther film is set to be released in 2017, just in time for #BSFM

It's official! 

T'Challa, or also known as "Black Panther" is set to headline his own movie with an anticipated 2017 release.

With a talented hottie like Chadwick Boseman attached, he'll definitely pull it off, given that a good script is put his way.
Hollywood hasn't been known to throw many bones in the name of diversity. It's definitely a missed opportunity considering how much non-white folk basically support the film industry, whether we're represented or not.

After 2012, I haven't supported many Hollywood films. Independent directors and filmmakers seem like the future to me as far as representation is concerned. But between Michael B. Jordan being cast in the reboot of "The Fantastic Four" as Johnny Storm, and this, who knows? I'd definitely support these in the theaters.

Couldn't have gotten better news on Twinja Book Reviews before our Black Speculative Fiction Month event ended!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Middle Graders Are Awesome Too!: Twinja Book Reviews Top 10 List of MG Books w/ AA Main Characters #BSFM

Now for some reason the Middle Grade Category doesn't get much love from a YA lovers. Maybe it's that the characters are just slightly younger? Maybe readers feel more conflicted with all the hoopla going on surrounding older readers reading stories intended for younger target audiences. 

But what's so amazing about this category is how much room there is to grow with a Middle Grade character! Many readers have to remind themselves that cool books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are Middle Grade so that's like waaaaay more years to hold on a story. We don't know about y'all but the longer the series, THE  BIGGER THE FANGIRL!

So today's list will be.....
Top Ten Middle Grade #SpecFic Titles

Blended and Bold: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of Bi-Racial/Multi-Racial Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM

We weren't sure how readers would interpret a list full of main protagonists whom are of African heritage, but also a blend of identities.

Black identity is extremely important to us, especially because we're Afro-Latina. We don't identify as mixed race but it is always difficult to explain being of blended cultures or identities and proud of such.

As a woman who has a biracial boyfriend(who is half Black-Haitian and half White-Colombian) I tend to forget that he struggles with identity and how he classifies himself as much as I do. We come from two different sides of the pond. We talk about race ALL the time. I know he doesn't always have it as easy as I think he does.

Never Too Young To Be a Hero: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of YA Black main characters in Speculative Ficition #BSFM

Been a little distracted over the past few days, so we're revealing five lists in one day to conclude our month long event for Black Speculative Fiction!  

It's kind of no secret that we have an insane preference for Young Adult. Young Adult is just about one of the most versatile categories a writer can write in and while all the haters out there who think YA is just for teens, Libertad and myself pride ourselves in our love of YA titles!

There's something about reliving your Young Adult stage through a book. We all remember what it was like to be 15, awkward and going through things for the first time. It's always interesting to see teens have to go through these things WHILE having to save the world too.
 Twinja Book Reviews presents our Top Ten List of books highlighting Black teens in Spec Fic!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month, Day 23: Author Dennis R. Upkins joins us again! #BSFM and LGBTQ Month all in one!

So we've got another awesome treat from author Dennis Upkins! Seeing how Black Speculative Fiction Month and LGBTQ Month fall under the same month, we couldn't go the entire month without addressing both!

Denny was cool enough to join us twice for the month, to bring awareness to some awesome spec fic featuring strong intersectionality, which is what we're really big on here @ Twinja Book Reviews!

Take out your pencils people! We're about to add some more books to our Amazon wishlists!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month, Day 20: Author Dennis R. Upkins stops by for #BSFM

This is our first time celebrating BSFM, but the awesome Dennis Upkins has always been a crowd favorite. 

It honestly wouldn't be BSFM without him, and hopefully we'll get a chance to touch another great monument for the month with him as it is also LGBTQ Month as well.

He kind of doesn't require an intro, but We'll give him one anyways =)

Our next author to discuss Black Speculative Fiction Month: Dennis R. Upkins!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts on #KidLitCon Day 1- Theme DIVERSITY

So for those of you bloggers that don't know much about Book Conferences(Don't feel alone, we're just discovering a lot of them too XD) they're basically events that celebrate what's new in publishing. I'm sure everyone has heard of Book Expo America? 

So yea, This year we wanted to start attending more Book Conferences because blogging can be pretty lonesome. You have your faithful followers who always show you love with their rec's and comments, but we made ourselves a few promises that we'd go out there and start meeting other bloggers who blog about books. Put some faces to the blogs that we follow and luckily a Book Conference called "Kid Lit Con", made it really easy to do that.