Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why we go so hard for Diverse Books! Giveaway alert!!!

My sister and I get asked this ALL the time! Why is this a big deal to you? 

Don't you just like cool stories?

 And our favorite, Why do you go so hard for Diverse Books? Books are books, readers will read the ones that they connect to.

Who cares if the main protagonist is Latino. Or Transgender, Disabled or even all three! 

You are what's wrong with the world because all you see are the differences in people!

We get asked these things on a regular basis. And not just from strangers. Close friends and family members add to the list of people that just don't get it!

August 2014 Martial Artist Spotlight: Chin Tsi-ang

Many readers may not know this martial artist by name. 

If you don't watch old style wuxia films, you may not know her by her films.

But this is what you do need to know. Chin Tsi-ang was arguably the first female martial arts film star.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day Five:Favorite Authors- Octavia Butler + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

So we've officially reached the last day of our event. It's so sad to see we are on the very last day of showing the book blogosphere community all of our favorite works of art that highlight diversity.
We've showed some awesome book covers, highlighted some great digital artists who always manage to draw and paint diversely. We've even showcased some of our favorite book bloggers!

Our last week we highlighted authors. Some of our favorites included newbie to our list Sarwat Chadda, long time favorites such as Emlyn Chand, Barry Lyga, and most of all Ellen Oh.

But there's just one more author who's made a great impact in our lives, and I dont think authors of color, particularly ones who write in the SF/F, Horror or Speculative Fiction genres, would be anywhere with her.

Our last and final favorite:
Octavia Butler

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day Four :Favorite Authors- ELLEN OH + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

We're approaching our last two days of our Favorites Month and It's been just an amazing ride compiling a few lists of our favorites!

As we reach the event's end, we realize this list would not be complete without today's favorite:

Ellen Oh

I have to say I fell in love with Ellen waaaay before I read her books. I came across this thoughtfully honest post she wrote about "Why being a POC author sucks sometimes" and still, after a year of it lounging in my web history, It still manages to make an impact on me every time I read it!

As the creator of the #Weneeddiversebooks movement, she understands how important it is to have stories that represent all readers and that's all we ever wanted to do with this book blog! Yea, we may not have a lot of followers like the book blogs that review all the popular books but every time we get that one email from someone who says that they love our blog. It reminds us that Ellen's venture was more than just a hashtag, it was a Movement!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day Three :Favorite Authors- Sarwat Chadda + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

It's so hard to believe we're nearly done with our favorites for the month!
 Each week has been a blast, and it'll be sad once the month is over, but hopefully anyone reading will have walked away with a bunch of new blogs, books and authors to take away from our event of Twinja Monthly Favorites!

Today holds especially dear to me. I've only recently discovered this author, through Libby's online searching(after being held captive by The Percy Jackson series). Upon looking for a series that dealt with Gods and Goddesses, but through the eyes of a character of color.

I've nearly devoured the series since then, and became an instant fan. I was so excited about this author's book, I wanted to tell everyone!

Which leads us today's favorite:
Sarwat Chadda

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day Two :Favorite Authors- Barry Lyga + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

Has anyone had one of those series that resonated with you SO much that all you could do was punish yourself by reading more, even though you were , like, deadly afraid to finish???
That was totally the case with today's FAVORITE:

 Barry Lyga and his Jasper Dent Series.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week Four of OUR Favorites, Day One:Favorite Authors- Emlyn Chand+ Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

 Wow!!! I can't believe we're already on our FINAL week of favorites. This event was super fun and quite honestly, while it was just an experiment, we may just find ourselves doing this every year! Events are soooo fun and such a great way to incorporate your love for books without it feeling like work!Gotta say, Events are such a fun way to promote posts!

Anyways, where were we? Oh yes! Week four of our FAVORITES! This week is super special because it features none other than our favorite authors of this year!

Now our first favorite is an author, by the name of Emlyn Chand .
 Her books give me astounding faith in the world of Independent Publishing. When we reviewers say that we're looking for those "gems" when it comes to Independently Published works, this my dear is one of them! 

You couldn't tell any of her books we're self published just by looking at them and that's the point! 
Emlyn Chand has managed to do what a lot of traditionally published series have failed to do, and that's make a series that centers on MAIN characters of marginalized groups.

 Now there are plenty of series in the traditionally published series that I love and brag about, but none like this!

Emlyn Chand has managed to make a disabled main character desirable in a way i haven't yet seen before in YA books, but shes also expanded on that by centering on a South Asian lead character for her second book in the series AND GET THIS...her next titles release "Pitch" will be from the voice of my favorite character in the series, Shapri!Check out that sick cover up above for it!
  Isn't that sick?

If you have completely lost faith in Independently published books, don't fret!This series will completely restore your faith!Do yourself a favor, Check out this series and not only that,
Check out this author!

Week Three Favorites End of the Week Wrap Up!

So last week was an exciting week, right? Not only did we get to share with you some of our favorite artists, But we also got to share with you an artist we've been working with for our featured Title "The Mark of Noba". Last week was just a sample, but believe me there's more to come!

So in our final week of favorites, It wouldn't be right if we didn't share with you our favorite authors!!!

Now deciding for this list was HARD! We have a TON of favorite authors but the we tried to compile a list of writers that have greatly impacted us this year. Even with that impossible decision, we were able to narrow it down to 5 amazing authors that we've managed to read from this year.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week Three of OUR Favorites, Day Five: Diversity in Fantasy Art-The Mark of Noba/Alice Bessoni+ Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

So were on to Day Five, the last day!

Today's highlight we think is the one we're close to the most. Part of today's highlight is based off not only our own concepts, but the artist's efforts to create our concepts as well.

So we've talked about our "light" Science Fiction/Fantasy project "The Mark of Noba." If you don't know, it features two main characters who come from a world known as "Noba", where people have the ability to manipulate elements Water and Wind, as well as travel to different worlds and times.

What makes the main characters particularly cool, is that they have a rare relationship, a spiritual rite of passage known as "bonding", where they become spiritually linked to one another(which also heightens one's abilities). Upon searching high and low for an artist to commission the cover, we were lucky to find our go-to artist, whom is today's highlight!

"Alice Bessoni."