Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month, Day 20: Author Dennis R. Upkins stops by for #BSFM

This is our first time celebrating BSFM, but the awesome Dennis Upkins has always been a crowd favorite. 

It honestly wouldn't be BSFM without him, and hopefully we'll get a chance to touch another great monument for the month with him as it is also LGBTQ Month as well.

He kind of doesn't require an intro, but We'll give him one anyways =)

Our next author to discuss Black Speculative Fiction Month: Dennis R. Upkins!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts on #KidLitCon Day 1- Theme DIVERSITY

So for those of you bloggers that don't know much about Book Conferences(Don't feel alone, we're just discovering a lot of them too XD) they're basically events that celebrate what's new in publishing. I'm sure everyone has heard of Book Expo America? 

So yea, This year we wanted to start attending more Book Conferences because blogging can be pretty lonesome. You have your faithful followers who always show you love with their rec's and comments, but we made ourselves a few promises that we'd go out there and start meeting other bloggers who blog about books. Put some faces to the blogs that we follow and luckily a Book Conference called "Kid Lit Con", made it really easy to do that.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why We Need Diverse Book Reviewers and Bloggers: Twinja Book Reviews' List of Black Book Bloggers Who Review Diverse Spec Fic #BSFM

We're more than halfway through the month, and it's about time we released some awesomeness!
Since it's Black Speculative Fiction Month, we've been highlighting authors who write speculative fiction, but what about those of us who read it? Everyone talks about how we need diverse books, which is 100% true. But one of the things we often over look, is the diversity in the book blog world.

Any one can have an appreciation for diverse titles, as they enrich the lives of everyone. But the lack of diversity makes it difficult for those who fall under a default, to truly understand the differences in narratives being told.

Black Speculative Fiction Month Day 18, #BSFM Co-Creator Author Milton Davis

We couldn't have Black Speculative Fiction Month without it's other creator, author Milton Davis.

Milton has made himself comfy on several of our bookshelves, and has been a guest on our blog during our "Diversify Your Steampunk" event, highlighting Steampunk outside of it's default narrative.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month, Day 15:Author Alicia McCalla's Thoughts on #BSFM

 So we've been a bit taken back after KidLitCon. We're slowly gaining back momentum, after just a day of being back from California. 

To keep the ball rolling, we're featuring another author today. She's been on our blog before during our first annual Diversity Month event, and it probably wont be the last time she shows back up.
Her book "Breaking Free" will have made our list for best Black Speculative Fiction Month books in the YA catergory by the month's end(still figuring out , out of the pile of many, that we want to skim it down to) but in the meantime, here are author Alicia McCalla's thoughts on Black Speculative Fiction Month!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month , Day 11: Rae Lori and A Kiss of Ashen Twinja ;p #BSFM

We're currently at KidLitCon, and having so much fun. There are so many people to gain connections with here, but we haven't forgotten it Black Speculative Fiction Month!

We're actually most associated with the next author through social networks! Rae Lori is a Black Speculative Fiction author, that we're surprised we haven't had on our blog before =)

Every author we've encountered have their own takes on Black Speculative Fiction Month, so it's amazing to see all the diverse experiences and take backs from this awesome event.

Here is what author Rae Lori has to say about Black Speculative Fiction Month!

Calling on writers and illustrators of diverse fiction!

So, just so you guys know, we spent our entire day at KidLitCon in Sacramento. We've met some really cool people who get the mission of diversity, in just the first day!

We plan to highlight it in a post later on in the month but since it's still Black Speculative Fiction Month, we've recently been looking for ways to help authors/writers of color with different opportunities to help them in any way that we can. KidLitCon just so happened to present us with an amazing opportunity like such.

Meeting Mira Reisberg, one of the founders for Children's Book Academy was actually pretty awesome. We plan to have her on our blog for our Diversity Month, but she also has a wonderful opportunity for writers of diverse lit.

Children's Book Academy uses their platform to help authors get published with amazingly cool e-Course classes. What's most awesome to this opportunity, is that it specifically opens it's door to authors of color, with disabilities, or LBGTQI, who are often the most underrepresented demographic in the publishing industry.

They really try to help writers of low income households, which is what attracted me most to this opportunity, especially for self published authors, who dont always have the same resources as traditionally published authors.

They are currently giving our opportunities for their Rafael Lopez Merit Scholarship: The Craft and Business of Illustrating Children's Picture Books but they also offer courses for writing and illustrating Picture Books, Chapter Books, e-book and apps, within YA, middle grade and much more.

Some free webinars include Writing and/or illustrating Second Visual Stories, and the Craft of Contradiction with Kristine Brogno and Mira, as well as writing humor and self-publishing in Class Clown Academy Meets Children's Book Academy with Stephen Mooser!

This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your craft! 

Anyone looking to learn more, please feel free to contact Mira via Twitter @childrensbookac , on Facebook or just through the official website Children's Book Academy 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Beyond Black and Ability: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of Black Main Characters with Disabilities in Speculative Fiction #BSFM

So we're revealing some pretty cool lists of novels(which will include full length, novellas, short stories in anthologies, and the like) and the more we immerse ourselves in diversity, the more we actually learn about it.

Just with this blog alone, we've learned just how important intersectionality is, so like our list featuring books with Black Queer main characters in spec fic, this one is especially important.

Disability is often the MOST neglected marginalization. Too many people are afraid of addressing disability, and it's often why many attempts at inclusion end up problematic.

Characters with disabilities are especially important to children. Children of color dont often have proper representation, so imagine being a child of color AND having a disability.

Review: Warrior by Ellen Oh

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Warrior by Ellen Oh

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