Monday, November 11, 2013

Meeting author of The "Legend" series, Marie Lu

It seems like since my sister and I started our book blog we've gotten a chance to connect with some amazing fellow book blogs. We probably follow too many book blogs to remember but I'm glad to be part of such an interesting net of people who like books as much as we do! What's even more amazing is when we're given the opportunity to meet some of the writers that we go on and on about. In this case, it was Writer of the hit series "Legend", Marie Lu.

I want to say that Marie Lu is a prime example of when you treat the people who support you well, you deserve all the success that you have and will garner in the future. She took the time to answer questions, take pictures and sign books. This is our second time meeting an author(Nnedi Okorafor being the first) and Both were so gracious and stellar in personality. I think sometimes I forget that really successful authors like them are "real" people so it's pretty cool that they can take the time out to have a quick conversation with supporters of their books!

( Look at me shamelessly promoting Twinja Book Reviews, lol. After I told her about our blog, she wanted to know the name and of course I had a cute business card to show her. She was really sweet!)

I even got the chance to ask her about Day's appearance and whether making him a person of color was her intention.(He's half Mongolian) It was a little uncomfortable at first because my sister and I were the only people of color besides Marie herself and another teen of Asian ancestry. I thought maybe my questions would come off as angry but I got over it, she answered and addressed it graciously and I'm so glad we have a local spot that gives us the opportunities to meet authors as well known as her!

Next week we plan on meeting David Levithan, writer of a bunch of popular LGTBQ books like Boy meets Boy and Two Boys Kissing, but I'm sure everyone has heard Of his book Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist!!!

Stay Tuned!!! Hope he's as pleasant as Nnedi and Marie!!!


  1. Wow, I'd love to meet Marie Lu! I'm glad you were able to get a gracious answer to your question.


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