Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ahhhh!!! Fans of "The Walking Janiera" unite!

I bought Janiera's first book "Soul Sisters" based on the main characters being Black twins. Janiera took an old vampire myth and gave it a unique twist. And did I say her main characters were Black Twins?!? XD

1. Nice of you to drop by our blog Janiera. For those of us just tuning in, why don't you tell us a little about yourself as well as the types of books you write.
Thanks so much for having me, it’s a pleasure to be on your blog. I’m pretty much a 22 year-old book nerd and writer. I’m also a freelance writer in the blog post production and entertainment industry. If I’m not working, I’m relaxing with family and friends. That time seems to be growing shorter everyday. lol 

2. You've been a published author for quite some time now, what event prompted you to make this career choice?

I wish I could call it a career, but for now it is just a really strong hobby. I see a career as something you do and can make money to live off of. Unfortunately, writing doesn’t provide me to live off of it yet. Hopefully soon though! I started writing because I developed Fibromyalgia and left college. It was a very troubling time in my life and writing and reading was highly therapeutic. That’s when I began writing Soul Sisters and I just couldn’t stop writing. I know if writing felt that good, I couldn’t stop doing it anytime soon.

.Since Twinja Book Reviews is a blog that promotes diversity, your "Soul Sisters" series was a great match for us! Not only are we Black(Afro-Cuban to be exact)but were twins! I have to ask, since you've mentioned this to me in the past, but what prompted you to write a series about Black twin sisters?What came behind this new lore behind vampires?

I wanted to write a vampire novel that was outside of the norm. I love vampires from Twilight vamps to Interview With a Vampire vamps (Not True Blood though), but craved to read something a little different. The enormously talented Tori Morrison said that  if there’s a book you want to read that hasn’t been written yet, write it. That’s just what I did. I wanted to vamps to look like people such as myself and my family. The vampire genre is completely lacking in diversity so it was in the front of my mind to create a multicultural vampire novel.

Why twins? Because they’re awesome (as you well know)!  I really wanted to explore the fascinating bond between two twins and the things that the could get into holding onto that bond as well as being loyal to one another.

4. That's not your only series. You have several paranormal themed books under your book as well. Is there anything that draws you to these themes? I just ask, as marginalized groups often get the short end of the stick when it comes to,really anything. But most of all paranormal and Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Again, I love paranormal and horror books, so it only felt natural for me to write books in these genres. They both have such a lack of diversity, which I find strange since ethnic people love horror and paranormal just as much as everyone else. I enjoy dark, twisted fiction as well as gothic books and movies. I always feel like to understand our true selves, we must understand our dark side. I never seem to get tired of exploring that.

5Does creating heroines of color take a lot of thought for you to create? Or do you just imagine all of your heroines as women of color?

I always imagine my heroines as women of color. I’ve grown up around ethnic women all my life and my heroines are all representative of their greatness as well as their flaws. Making sure each book has a ethnic heroine is my tribute to ethnic women everywhere.

6. Since you write what you'd like to see, is there anything you feel as though you do differently from other authors who create women of color in novels?

There are not enough paranormal, horror and science fiction books with women of color leads. I’m here to change that. We really don’t need another urban drama. I enjoy showing ethnic women in a new light.

7. I see you've been to many conventions! Which one has been your favorite to attend and why? Have you meet anyone that you admire in the writing universe?

I’ve actually only been to one convention which was the Indie Bookfest of 2013. It was a lot of fun to chat and meet with readers. I chatted with so man great authors and learning about how they operate in the writing world was a ton of fun.

8. What is the one question you'd love to be asked but are never asked it? Could you answer it for us ;p

What’s your favorite celebrity? The answer is Justin Timberlake, I’ve loved him since I was 12 years old.  I love his swag and music.  I put some sort of character trait or bio trait in all of  the male leads in my book.

9. What is the best piece of advice you've received from a fellow author pertaining to writing diversity in fiction?

Keep writing what you want to write the most. People will naturally gravitate to it when they find out it’s just what they're looking for. 

10. Lastly, where can people interested in everything Janiera Eldridge go to find updates, or events, or just any info they'd like to know about your books or you?

Thanks so much for having me today!
I’m all over the web. You can check out my books and connect with me through:

I always enjoy chatting with readers.

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