Sunday, December 8, 2013

If you haven't already, join Twinja Book Reviews for it's second week!

It's never too late to join Twinja Book Reviews in our month of promoting diversity! We are interviewing authors, bloggers, editors and agents, and giving you the scoop on diversity in fiction from their points of view!

This week on the roster, we have a great team! Click on their links to check them out, or wait for their interviews! You may just have a chance to win their books!

December 9th: Camille Picott,  Fantasy Author of "Raggedy Chan: A Chinese Heritage Tale"
December 10th: Helen Wan, Author of "The Partner Track"
December 11th: Janiera Eldridge, Paranormal Romance Author of "Soul Sisters" series
December 12th: Red Harvey, Paranormal Author of "Cursed"
December 13th: Kelan O'Connell, Fantasy Author of "Delta Legend"
December 14th: Aya Ling, Fantasy Author of "Princesses Don't..."series
December 15th: Alicia McCalla, SFF Author of "Breaking Free"
December 16th- Beyond: Schedule TBD

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