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Blogoversary Celebration Day 7: "Beaming" Up with Black Science Fiction Society!+15.00 Amazon Giveaway & bonus 10.00 Amazon Giveaway!!!

Fantasy, Horror, Speculative and Science Fiction Fans often get painted as a "default" white. Granted there are plenty of fans who are, but it doesn't mean people of color should be excluded from the pack. People of African diaspora constantly get told it is "unrealistic" to have Blacks in the genres mentioned. Who gets to decide what is deemed unrealistic when people are running around with staffs, pointy ears, and futuristic machine guns?

That is why we are highlighting Black Science Fiction Society! Blacks have always been prominent in Science Fiction, but are not always given praise for being a part of the genre. Its 100% false that Black people don't read, watch and create Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror or Speculative Fiction, otherwise they would not be celebrating their 6th year online this month!

1. First off, congratulations on your 6th year up and running. Black Science Fiction Society seems to grow every day, and seeing your site around the time we started our blog, made it seem like our group was possible. Who is Black Science Fiction Society, and what is the goal of Black Science Fiction Society?

Thank you, it has been a blessing to be able to do this project for the past 6 years. In a nutshell, it is Home to All Things Black Science Fiction. We are primarily Black people from all walks of life that enjoy science fiction. BlackScienceFictionSociety is an international social network dedicated to highlighting, celebrating and developing science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, movies and games. 

2. When you started 6 years ago, did you think you'd be as successful as you are now? What prompted you to create "Black Science Fiction Society?" What are some of the most positive things you've heard about your site from the followers?

I knew Black Science Fiction Society would be a success from the beginning. There were so many people that I personally knew that enjoyed science fiction that there had to be many more across the netosphere; I just had to find them. What prompted Black Science Fiction Society were primarily two things:  

1. A senator named Barack Obama was ascending to the highest office in the nation and I thought to myself if he can do that, then I needed to step up my game by doing what I can to better the lives of Black people. 

2. The other reason was more close to home. There is a plethora of negative images about Black people being broadcast daily and I wanted my son to have positive images to show him a more balanced representation of Black people. Stereotypes are not acceptable for my son. Some of the most positive things said about Black Science Fiction Society are that people say that finally found a place with others like them. They thought they were not the only ones that were into science fiction and it felt like they found home.

3. I know you also highlight horror, fantasy, and speculative fiction as well, but I will focus on Science Fiction. Why Science Fiction? And do you only highlight Blacks in Science Fiction that stand on their own? Or do you also support multicultural throughout?

It is said that today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with all things futuristic and science fiction fits that bill. In addition, Blacks need to be involved in developing and reaping the benefits of that future. On Black Science Fiction Society, a considerable amount of effort is spent on independent projects and products but we also celebrate Black accomplishment in mainstream projects as well. Our focus is on things related to Black accomplishments but we keep the site open for everyone. I would like it to a Chinese, Mexican or Italian restaurant; you know what the focus is but it open to anyone that walks in the door. 

4. Growing up, I loved fantasy and paranormal themed things, but I tended to steer away from Science Fiction. It was not until I started reading, searching more, that Blacks are in, and write Science Fiction. I can only speak for myself, but Science Fiction in my house was seen as, excuse my language, but "White S*&t." Do you think there is a stigma that with people of color and Science Fiction?

In the past there used to be a major stigma in the Black community towards science fiction. These days that seems to be fading as Blacks in sci-fi increase and sci-fi brings in money at the box office. As an example if you ask people if they have seen I Am Legend, Men in Black or Independence Day, I do not know too many people that have not saw these films, they, and others like The Book of Eli, X-Men and Avengers are clearly sci-fi. 

5. Do you feel that there are certain innovators, or people who have paved the way for Blacks in Science Fiction? What do you think are some of the best works with Blacks in Science Fiction?

I think as for as innovators in blackscifi go I would say that Octavia Butler paved the way for Blacks in the genre. She garnered international attention for her work by winning numerous awards. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed her Xenogenesis series but my favorite is her Pattern Master series. I was exposed to her writing in a Black Literature class while attending Tennessee State University. I have to say her trilogies are right there with Star Wars, Star Trek and The Matrix Trilogy.

6. As a Black-Cuban, my Cuban-ness (not a word ;p) is often excluded for my Black-ness. Does Black Science Fiction Society highlight Blacks from all ethnicities? 

Black Science Fiction Society features and invites Blacks from the diaspora wherever they may be. We have contributors from America, Canada, South Africa, France, and England just to name a few. Our goal from the start was to be an international hub for any and every one that enjoys black sci-fi.

7. Are there any iconic African descended characters in entertainment that you think they should make a movie on? Which ones, and why?

There are legions of African decented characters that I would love to see made into movies. Black Jack which is sort of like an Indiana Jones archetype, Black Panther of course which is like Bruce Wayne but better because he is not only genius level intellectually but a King of a high-tech hidden city in Africa. In addition, I would love to see Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis and Pattern Master Series book turned into big budget flicks!

8. Are there any blogs, or websites you admire that highlight Blacks in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, or Speculative Fiction? 

These are my top pics for sci related sites:
5. And last but not least The members post new things I never heard of on there every day so I get a steady flow of information all the time.

9. How does Black Science Fiction Society define success?

I define success by being able to do something that makes you happy, makes you fulfilled and is something that benefits not only yourself but also others that come in contact with you such as your community, family or friends.

10. Finally, where can people go if they want to receive updates, info on things, and learn more about what you do at "Black Science Fiction Society?"

You can find out online at: 

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  1. Quote:
    "Who gets to decide what is deemed unrealistic when people are running around with staffs, pointy ears, and futuristic machine guns?"
    LOL, totally right. And as usual, interesting interview!

  2. 1000 thanks to you all for this great opportunity!
    Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.


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