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Why We Need Diverse Book Reviewers and Bloggers: Twinja Book Reviews' List of Black Book Bloggers Who Review Diverse Spec Fic #BSFM

We're more than halfway through the month, and it's about time we released some awesomeness!
Since it's Black Speculative Fiction Month, we've been highlighting authors who write speculative fiction, but what about those of us who read it? Everyone talks about how we need diverse books, which is 100% true. But one of the things we often over look, is the diversity in the book blog world.

Any one can have an appreciation for diverse titles, as they enrich the lives of everyone. But the lack of diversity makes it difficult for those who fall under a default, to truly understand the differences in narratives being told.

What is considered fantasy in one culture, may be realistic fiction to another.

I host no shame admitting how much I love the movie "We The Party" directed by Mario Van Peebles(Restin Peace Simone Battle)Granted, it isnt cinematic perfection, but what I like most about it, is how it not only highlights diversity in race, but also socioeconomic background.
Where do we ever get to see black teens, from affluent families, on screen or in books? What disappoints me most, is how poorly it's critiqued by critics, who don't have any experience judging diverse narratives.

This holds true in the blogosphere as well. Sometimes those most willing to review diverse titles, are those of us who come from diverse backgrounds already.

This list is about highlighting those who review and seek diverse titles:

Graveyard Shift Sisters
This blog has been getting alot of attention in the past few months, and for good reason. How many blogs are highlighting Black women in the horror genre? I didn't even realize this many things had black women in horror! 

A part of me thought black women in horror just wasnt a possibility because...well...cuz we aint crazy enough to fall(queue white folk in sneakers falling in the woods and getting straight up stabbed XD ). JK! But normally, we're just not given those opportunities to be in certain genres, unless we die within 5 minutes of the story's plot. It's a good thing this blog exists! It highlights all media depicting black women in anything horror, including novels.

Sistahs on the Shelf
Sistahs on the Shelf is a personal favorite of ours. There are next to no inclusivity when it comes to the book blogger world for women of color who identify as queer. There are tons of queer themed books out there, but sadly, so few highlight black women. SotS has given us quite the expansion on our bookshelf. Not to say we cant relate to any queer narrative, but black women often get left out of the...well, nearly everything.

If you're looking for more queer themed books with women of color, Sistahs on the Shelf has them!

Mclicious-sarah HANNAH gomez
So Im totally namedropping, but we both got to meet Hannah at KidLitCon! Been following her since we knew there were resources about diversity in books. The afro-latina is also a librarian, which gives her a certain incite on the lack of diversity in books for the youth. She has a hilarious approach at addressing diversity, and is unapologetic about checking those who don't do enough for the movement!

Multiculturalism Rocks!
Been a faithful follower of this blog for a while. This blog celebrates children's books that highlight diversity, and those who make those books a possibility. She reviews children's, YA, middle grade and picture books. They have to be diverse to interest her, but for those who write diversely, there are resources that are out there! What's even better? We met her at KidLitCon! She's become our new triplet!
Check out here blog!

The Unconventional Librarian
Since we done became the new twin baes, we gotta put our new bae Pam Margolis of "The Unconventional Librarian on." She's gotta be a queen of social media when it comes to the book blogger world, because she's on EVERYTHING! Just don't give her delicious cheese! She's lactose-intolarent!

Another librarian, who's all about the kids! XD She gave some of the best advice at KidLitCon on how to widen your audience, and like everyone else on this list, she seeks diverse books. Don't forget to check her out!

The Brown Book Shelf
"The Brown Book Shelf" consists of authors who blog to bring awareness to Black narratives in picture books, middle grade and Young Adult titles.

Their amazing "28 Days Later" event, celebrating books by black authors and illustrators for the month of February, Black History Month, actually inspired our annual Diversity Month in December!

We need more book bloggers that wont leave black children behind. The Brown Book Shelf is definitely the resource for that.

Diverse Pages

Color your bookshelf!

Diverse Pages consists of five bloggers whom are also all authors. While the main contributor is Kelbian Noel, Rae Lori, Harambee K. Grey-Sun, Cecilia Roberts and Jennifer Fischetto are all contributors. They even have a cool review policy, that highlights when a book has a main character of color, or an entire cast full of diversity. Click on their button to check them out!

My Little Pocket Books
"My Little Pocket Books" is an awesome book blogger hosted by an even awesomer(is that a word?) book blogger. We've had Alysia on our blog for our Blogoversary back in March. She actively seeks diverse titles, and even created a book challenge that encourages book bloggers to read books by a person of color, or that featured a main character of color.

Definitely a great challenge to be apart of to encourage diverse reading!

Crazy QuiltEdi
 KidLitCon was basically a god send when it came to finding Black Book Bloggers, especially librarians! Edith at "Crazy QuiltEdi" was also a book reviewer we got the opportunity to meet. She was so adorable! Her blog only reviews diverse titles, and I've found a punch of book recs on her Pinterest page alone!

Finding Wonderland
To be fair, "Finding Wonderland consists of two book bloggers. Both women of color, and also authors. Sarah Stevenson, author of "The Latte Rebellion", whom is half Pakinstani, and Tanita Davis, author of "A la Carte."

We connected with both when looking for blog hosts for Diverse Book Tours. We even got to meet them at KidLitCon.  While we didn't get to spend much time with Sarah, we got to talk to Tanita for a good hour,lol. Both write and highlight diverse titles, so they're worth a shot to find great book recs!

Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is actually a compilation of anything entertainment containing to, well, Black Girl Nerds! While they invite all women with diverse narratives, The words, black, girl and nerd seem to be a foreign concept to folks, so you can see how it's catchy! While Jamie Broadnax is the creator and a main contributor, many stop by to guest post. Book reviews and highlights are just the tip of the iceberg of what you could find via BGN!


Black Geeks of every type of media rejoice! 

Black Science Fiction Society is one of the largest online communities for anything speculative fiction for geeks of color. While it's inclusive for Blerds, anyone can take away from this community. 

Comics, movies, books, tv, video games, art, all of the above!

We've had the creator, Jarvis Sheffield, on our blog, and hope it's not the last time he'll join us for a conversation about diversity!


  1. Shush about this namedropping business! I am just a girl yelling on the internet. You two are amazing, and I'm so glad I got to meet you and some of the other fabulous people on this list!

  2. XD Hey we knew you way before you knew us, so we straight up namedropping XD You were awesome, you were the first person I recognized, so it was pretty awesome to meet you in person =D

  3. Wow!!! This is such a rich post, Guinevere! Thank you for the shout out, though really I wish for the light to keep shining on you. The world better watch out: you two are on a crusade, and it will pay off, I just know it. All that hard work is not going unnoticed.

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