Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preparing to release our first excerpt

My sister and I have been asked for the last few weeks , "Where are your excerpts???" Of course, to me, this is nothing more than awesome. :) To be nobody and have ONE person ask that makes me feel as though our journey of attempting to gain an audience AND harsh critique, is heading in the right path. We're on our second draft of our first Young Adult novel "The Mark of Noba." It centers around a 17 year old boy named Sterling Wayfairer. Over the course of the first book, he comes to discover he comes from a race of time travelers/manipulators.

I will admit, my sister and I do not write chronologically! Im not sure how many writers do, but I've always found it very difficult to write a project from start to finish in the order it will most likely appear. But after researching other authors excerpts, we've learned it's quite common to use chapters that aren't necessarily the first chapter. :)

With that being said, after rewriting Chapter 3 for the second time, we're finally confident of where it's going in comparison to the first draft. I will probably post it on this blog and our other blog.

 Our other blog is more of my journey as a writer, so critique would be very appreciated on that blog. :)


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