Monday, May 20, 2013

Advice on self editing. In two sentences.

Don't do it! Hire someone professional, to hell with the cost!


  1. The funny thing about editing is that it is never done. What I mean is: You can have a book read by twenty-five different people and each one will find something he or she would change. Spelling errors, missing words, grammar mistakes...all can be found pretty much in every traditionally published book as well (if you look hard enough).

    That being said, my experience as a writer has taught me that I cannot edit my own writing. If for no other reason, after reading the same thing over and over, my brain will tell me that the 'he' that should have been 'she' is really a 'she' even if it isn't. (yes, I know...a lousy example) My point is that, as a creator, you will not see what is not there; instead, you'll see what should be there.

    1. This post made me giggle! :)

      Anyhow, I agree Henry - I totally get what you are saying. I am not a writer, but I write for my blog and such. I certainly have those moments (especially when writing and editing at the same time) I see words as I know they should be not as they actually are... So, at the very least, I need to step away and give it a rest then I can do a better job editing.

      Thinking further on this subject, I think we can all have a bit more respect for writers and editors! It's a tough job.


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