Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reached 100 followers! Hooray XD

I can't believe Libby and I have reached 100+ followers =D

Like the post about the 1000 views, a lot of what got our blog 100 followers wasn't actually follow for follow forums(while that method is still effective, honestly speaking, how many people follow dated forum posts?). Most if it had to do with connecting on places you connect on a lot anyways. For us, it's blogs featuring other bloggers blogging about tastes in books, but adjust accordingly depending on what you enjoy to blog about. =D

Blog hops hosted by other bloggers seemed to be a quick, easy and less stressful way of gaining followers. I hope that people whom are looking to gain followers take this advice and start researching methods in which they can gain more followers as well. 100 isn't a lot, but we've been blogging for about a month, and it's just cool that while were following others, we've been able to gain some on the way. =D


  1. Congrats on the milestone achievement! :)

  2. Hi Guinevere, *smiles* thanks so much for stopping by at my blogs Authors Curtlage and I Am Darmie Orem. Thanks for leaving your urls too. It makes it easy to return follow. You have such a lovely site here. I hope you will review my book when it's out. Keep bouncing!


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