Sunday, July 7, 2013

An High/Urban fantasy ebook about a young Latina that's currently available for free.CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Since our 3 week hiatus, Guinevere and I have been trying to think of new things to feature on our blog and after introducing a feature on our Goodreads group, Multiculturalism in YA,Fantasy, Sci FI,Paranormal and fun books ;p, I thought maybe it would be cool to help some Indie authors out with free promotion whenever their ebooks are available for free or at a discount. I'm not sure if this is something we can do every single week since we'll have to be on the grind about finding these promotions but we'll try to dig deep and find out the ones that are as soon as we know about them. 

Any authors reading this who write the types of books that we review and love please let us know and we will be glad to tell our readers about it!!!

This week I found out about a book I was given a little while ago by a very cultured young author with an interest in Korean Lore.The book is called The Year of the Wolf and it follows Citlalli(awesome name)Alvarez, a young Mexican girl who moves to Seoul, S.Korea with her family after her sister goes missing. It's a mix of Epic/High and Urban Fantasy and it has some interesting concepts that go beyond the typical Euro-centric themes you typically see in High Fantasy.
Read the blurb:

“Many years ago, when I was young and still human, a shadow took my older sister—a dark queen from a mysterious spirit world, who clings to life by stealing the bodies of young girls. Now she’s returned again to hunt my family…

“But this time, I will be the one hunting her.”

Citlalli Alvarez thought the hardest thing about adjusting to her new life in Seoul, South Korea would be the food. But when her half-sister is kidnapped for sinister purposes, Citlalli gets entangled with an ancient Vampyre Queen, her seven deadly and beautiful sons, and a dangerous spirit world. Citlalli has never been one to shy away from a fight, but in order to rescue her sister, she must face an unimaginable price that could put her very soul at stake.

Self-empowering and lushly-imagined, YEAR OF THE WOLF is a dark adventure that follows the lonely road of revenge and dreams of breaking off toward the bittersweet horizon of redemption. For the latest on the Changeling Sisters series, visit:

Currently she's offering it for free until July 15th. Details are listed on her Tumblr and Facebook page. While you're at it, take the time out to follow her via tumblr and like her Facebook page!

This is Heather, Isn't she adorable?Check out Heather's Blog and follow her and look forward to her updates!!! 

Do yourself a favor, check her book out while it's free!You won't regret it!


  1. Hey ladies!

    Sorry it's been awhile since I've last stopped by! I need to break that habit because I seriously love your blog and all the great ideas you guys come up with. You ladies RAWK!

    Okay, so Year of the Wolf sounds reaaaaally cool. The multicultural aspect is interesting because when I was in college, I had a female Korean professor who was married to a male Latino professor. They were so inspirational in so many ways and I wish I had had more time to talk to them about how they had met. But they ended up moving :(

    Ohh! Speaking of multicultural, I went to see Pacific Rim last night and I must say how refreshing it was to see a big budget movie with ethnic people getting top billing. Although the movie is centered around Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam's character), it is also very much Stacker's story as well, played by the brilliant Idris Elba (British actor who is half Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian). Top that with a romance between Raleigh and Mako (Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi) and you have a movie that sets itself apart from most Hollywood summer blockbusters.

    Annnd....since we are on the topic of Idris Elba, have you heard the rumors swirling about him possibly becoming the new Doctor Who? Matt Smith is officially done, so recently fans have been putting together a list of potential actors to fill the iconic role. Idris Elba was brought up and there was blacklash. A "black" Doctor Who? I say HELL YEAH! He is an amazing actor, why shouldn't he be considered? Maybe you guys should do a write up about that! Or maybe I should. Or maybe we need to collaborate. I'm not even a huge Doctor Who fan. But when I heard Idris' name being attached, I was intrigued!

    Wow, sorry for writing a book here! Hope all is well! Come on over and visit sometime!

    Best Wishes,
    Mia @ The Muses Circle


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