Saturday, July 13, 2013

Showing my support digital artists!

Recently, Libertad and I have been working on interesting ways to promote our future project!

Due to the editing process being a taxing process ;p , we've put up the money to create companion books for our "Sterling Wayfairer Series." It is a Young Adult time travel fantasy based novel, although it crosses a few genres, such as science fiction.

Since it creates a lot of multiculturalism as far as race(I haven't crossed much as far as sexuality, but it has a lot of characters of different races, and incorporates spirituality) and because for so many the default with most books are Caucasian characters, we have been working with two digital arts to create the characters and landscapes of our series, as well as our future work. We figured a promotional gift companion book would take out the mystery behind the main characters races. And with the extensive world building, we were interested in making it come to life with our own eyes. It's been an interesting and fun process!

Alice Bessoni- Originally from Brazil does our character art. She has very reasonable rates and can be found at:

In fact our characters can be found on her "Character Art" page.Labeled as "The Mark of Noba."

Our Landscape art is done by:

Jose Borges-Originally from Puerto Rico, he is based in the United States. He is very detailed, and captures landscapes beautifully! He is also studying abroad, and has a kickstarter that I thought would be great to promote =D

Our landscape of Noba is the second picture on the kick starter project. But he can also be found at:

Im just curious to know, have any other new authors ever considered companion books? Would any readers enjoy the idea of self published authors releasing companion books to promote their work?


  1. Companion books is an interesting idea that would probably work well with themes that involve alternate worlds, different life forms, et cetera. Not much room for companion books in my genre.


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