Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Mulitcultural read available for free on Amazon from the Lovely Heather Heffner!

Download Heather Heffner's ebook Year of the Tiger, the second book in her Changeling Sisters Saga. If you haven't read the first one check it out on Amazon, the first one is only .99 cents on amazon!

 Blurb for Year of the Wolf:

“Many years ago, when I was young and still human, a shadow took my older sister—a dark queen from a mysterious spirit world, who clings to life by stealing the bodies of young girls. Now she’s returned again to hunt my family…

“But this time, I will be the one hunting her.”

Citlalli Alvarez thought the hardest thing about adjusting to her new life in Seoul, South Korea would be the food. But when her half-sister is kidnapped for sinister purposes, Citlalli gets entangled with an ancient Vampyre Queen, her seven deadly and beautiful sons, and a dangerous spirit world. Citlalli has never been one to shy away from a fight, but in order to rescue her sister, she must face an unimaginable price that could put her very soul at stake.

Self-empowering and lushly-imagined, YEAR OF THE WOLF is a dark adventure that follows the lonely road of revenge and dreams of breaking off toward the bittersweet horizon of redemption.

Check out the first book Year of the Wolf for .99 dents

Blurb for Year of the Tiger:

Citlalli spearheads the mission to rescue her sister when she accepts an invitation to the treacherous Vampyre Court. Meanwhile, Raina discovers a transformative family secret of her own. As sides in the Were War grow blurrier, the innocent fall, ghosts pray for second chances, and each of the sisters’ budding romances face the trial of a lifetime. The Lunar New Year is coming, and the only thing certain is family.

Check out the second in the series, Year of the Tiger for FREE unitl September 3rd!

About this author

HEATHER HEFFNER was born in Seattle, Washington, where she grew up being dragged along on ten-mile long hikes by her well-meaning parents. Luckily, her brother was forced to come, too, and they ended up storytelling to entertain themselves. Heather's never given it up since, and now can't think of anything better than sketching out an eight hundred-page epic (and maybe even go for a hike, after).

Her debut E-book, YEAR OF THE WOLF, is the first novel in an urban fantasy series for adults. The inspiration for the book came from spending a year in Seoul, South Korea, where she taught English and wrote articles for NEH Magazine. You can read all about her adventures, or more likely, misadventures, at her blog:
Check it out on her blog!


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