Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing Author Interviews to debut next week!

Libertad and I have been debating whether we wanted to go ahead and start doing author interviews. We want to be supportive of Indie authors, but would also like to open the floor to any authors whom aren't independently represented as well.

We know were not well known in the blogosphere.....yet. However this is an idea we've put thought into and even thought about abandoning until recently. We only plan to do them every month, and generally the second week of every month, so look out for them!

Starting next week we will interview an indie author, whom we've been friends with with for a few years. He is a horror author under the name G.R.Yeates and recently began publishing YA fantasy under another pen name Greg James. Were delighted he will be our first interview, and we are planning a giveaway of his first Young Adult fantasy novel "The Sword of Sighs."

Hope everyone is ready for him!


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