Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whoa! Did Christmas come early? No, we're just hosting a month long giveaway!

It's been some time since Goodreads has announced their new policy. Quite a few book bloggers are still upset, and no longer wish to review indie authors. We definitely need to bridge the gap between the traditionally published and those who take the route of publishing independently. That being said, we definitely don't wish to follow suit, and give up on those who work hard without the help of a major publishing houses.

So for the month of October, we are hosting a giveaway of authors whom write with diversity in mind. Between an interview of a new author for each week of October, we are also offering a paperback(that's right! you read it right!) of each author we feature!

Unfortunately due to our budget, we can only offer this to residences of the United States. But we hope this does not turn off bloggers and readers all around the world to our future giveaways! We will figure out a way to be able to reach book bloggers for giveaways outside the US in the future, but for now, please only residents of the US.

Details about the books being offered:

Edge of Truth-Natasha Hanova

Young Adult paranormal fiction with a dystopian twist. Will Rena Moon ever be able to make her dreams come true? In a world where the government rules everything, and leaves it's citizens with just enough to survive, Rena may have found a way to better her situation. But will it come at a high cost?

The Phoenix Rising - Destiny Calls

Fantasy/Adventure mixed with a little romance? Sold! Kay is just your average overachiever looking to make her dreams of becoming a journalist. When she receives the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in South Africa, which will make her one step close to reaching the stars. But little does she know, her past, present and future will collide, and she will become the woman she was meant to be.

Halls of Ivy

Looking for a little Mystery in your fiction? Cheyenne finds herself the center of a possible college campus conspiracy over a few campus suicides. Not only that, it appears many are trying to place the blame on her. All Cheyenne was trying to do was conduct research for a dissertation, and now her future and the lives of many others are being put at risk. Great for lovers of twists and multiple prospectives with Mystery in between.

The Marvelous Effect(Marvelous World)

A Science Fiction/Fantasy action packed story with MG(middle grade) hero? Hell yea! Louis Proof is just your average ordinary 13 year old from East Orange, New Jersey. However upon receiving an invitation to a mysterious amusement park, and slipping into a coma soon afterwards, he wakes up to find the world around him has changed. And so has he!

Among The Veils(Book 1-Paper Thrones)

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and themes for all ages? Must have! Clay Durward has been able to read the minds of children for as long as he can remember. It's not a bad ability to have, if any thing it aids to his career as a social worker. However, when he is asked to protect a six year old boy, he learns that this child carries the spirit of a 10,000 year old energy in his subconscious. Clay soon finds himself in a civil war between ancient Egyptian deities , and their rivalry among the darkest streets in America's crumbling cities.

                                                              Sound Awesome right?

And even with all those to choose from, were offering a $10 Amazon e-giftcard! So even if you don't win a book, you still have a chance at 6 prizes! The giveaway doesn't start until October 1st, but it doesn't meant that it's too early to get excited! XD

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  1. Hey, loving your policy about multicultural sci-fi - how can I share my multicultural dystopian novel with you?

  2. I love EDGE OF TRUTH! Good choice. :)

  3. Super awesome. Wait, October 1st is tomorrow! Eek! How did that happen? Okay, must return tomorrow morning...


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