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This week at the Twinja Round table- Author Interview w/Troy CLE and The Marvelous World +5 book Paperback and amazon giveaway

So we've been trying to get Troy on here for like ever, But with so much stuff going on the times have never been right. This author has such an incredible story about his writing journey and to be honest, he should be an inspiration to all aspiring writers!Our review for his book can be seen here. And now we'll leave you to what you guys all came for....The interview!!!

1.We stumbled across you by ways of Goodreads, only to find out you had a really interesting story to tell about your YA/MG novel as well as how you got it out there to the public. Please share with our readers a little about yourself, your background and how your interests lead you in the direction of writing your book, Marvelous World.

I would like to start by saying a hello to all of the readers of this unique blog. I always wanted to be a writer from when I was in middle school. I focused on English and writing in both high school and at NYU. After my graduation from NYU I returned for my MS in Digital Design. I brought my understanding of literature and digital design together for my books to ensure that the visuals of my novels such as the covers, artwork, and trailers are as good as the writing inside. The release of my books have allowed me the honor of being able to lecture at schools such as Harvard, UCLA, Colorado College, and many others.

I grew up in the 80s and of the best video games, music, and films. They are all incorporated into my books. I hope individuals that love all of the forms of media I listed above get a chance to read my books.

I have two full length Marvelous books out now and three novellas. I am currently working on the next two Marvelous World books.

2. Your journey to make yourself visible and more marketable to publishers was astounding when we googled you.Can you please share with our readers how you got a Major Publishing house interested in a young chubby, AA kid from East Orange, NJ?

I self-published my book then I acted as my own publicist to invite members of the press and publishing industry to a reading I had in Harlem. I had two major publishing deals after that so it was well worth it.

BTW Louis Proof is only chubby in the very beginning of the book. He is now in perfect physical shape and a true FAVORITE.

3. Has the road to being backed by a major publishing house been challenging? Do you believe books with multicultural themes are are still a challenge to get agents and publishing houses interested?

I think having a major publisher has more pros than cons when you have a good contract and team behind your book. As far as multicultural YA/MG being embraced by publishers and agents goes, it is still not greatly widespread. That is simply because there is no financial reason for them to do so and there is not much presented to them.

4. Music, Video games and pop culture seemed to play a very large role in your "Marvelous World", what did your typical music playlist look like while writing "Marvelous World"?

When I first wrote the "Marvelous World: The Marvelous Effect" my playlist was a bit different than it is now.

50 Cent
Beanie Sigel
Coheed and Cambria
John Mayer
Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy
Kanye West
Kendrick Lamar

5. Tell us your favorite Super Hero/Comic Book character or video game character who happens to be a Person of color.....Ya know besides your main character Louis Proof.

I base my interest in heroes on how cool they are regardless of their race. Still, my favorite heroes have always been Spider-Man and Spawn, both of which just happen to always have been or have recently been reimagined as characters of color.

6. What do you want potential readers to take from your book?

I want readers to walk away with a sense that Marvelous World is very large and fulfilling reading experience that is like no other.

7. Describe your character Louis Proof in 5 Marvelous words or less...

Super Action Fighter with Heart.

8. When did you have that lightbulb moment that made you want to become a writer?

That moment was when I saw the movie "The Goonies" in the movie theater in 1985. I wanted to tell a story like that on the big screen.  I knew writing a book would lead me on the path to do it.

9. What do you find the most challenging when it comes to writing a book?

When I wrote "Marvelous World: The Young Armada" the biggest challenge was how to develop seven main characters within a 80 page novella. I wanted them all to be distinctive. It took me some time but I am very happy with that novella, which is currently my favorite. Beyond that the only real challenge that I face with all of my books is making sure that the imagery is as vivid on the page as it is in my head.

10. Where can we find out about future projects and what's going on in The "Marvelous World"?

Everything be found at Marvelous World

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  1. Thanks for the introduction to Mr. Cle. It's certainly true I haven't come across AA writers of YA/MG books.Kudos to him for taking charge of his career at an early age and making his own luck.


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