Monday, December 16, 2013

This week on Twinja Book Reviews!

Have you been catching up?

Well @Twinja Book Reviews, we have another full week of authors chiming in on their take on diversity in the industry, as well as showing different sides to themselves outside of being "The Author!"

Many are sending off you readers with their books! Wouldn't you love to win Ellen Oh's or Toffany Trent's book bundle? We know we would!

This week on Twinja Book Reviews...

Dec.16th: Author Denny Upkins, Author of "Hollowstone"
Dec.17th: Author Jennifer Chow, Author of "The 228 Legacy"
Dec.18th: Author Kelly Parra, Author of "Graffiti Girl", and "Invisible Touch"
Dec.19th: Double Feature! Author of Multicultural/Interracial Romance books, Alexandria Infante. Heather Crews, Author of "Unchanged"
Dec.20th: Author Jacqueline Koyanagi, Author of "Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel"
Dec.21st: Author Tiffany Trent, Author of "The Unnaturalists"
Dec.22nd: Author Ellen Oh, Author of "Prophecy"

Enter below! You may just win one of these author's many books!

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