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Whether it's through an invisible touch, or tagging her name, Kelly Parra sits down with Twinja Book Reviews to discuss her writing!

There arent many Latina authors on our shelves, but you can bet half the books we own from such are penned by Kelly Parra!

1. We know you through "Graffiti Girl" and "Invisible Touch" being on our physical book shelf. But for those just tuning in, why dont you tell us more about yourself!
Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog! Well, I’m a writer of both teen and fiction for adults, in different subgenres of multicultural, suspense, and paranormal. I love to also write short fiction. My latest is a monster hunting series called SUPERNATURAL HUNTERS with teen characters Jaz and Blake.

2. We see that you are a great example of where this country is going as far being racially and culturally diverse. On your website, it states that you are a writer of "multicultural" teen novels. How do you define being a "multicultural" writer?
An author who writes characters that deal with issues in their lives that involve their culture.

3. I notice many of your main characters have "Spanish" surnames. You happen to be Mexican, Filipina and Italian. Each of those have surnames related to romance languages, but for Mexicans and Filipinos it is very common to have a Spanish surname. Is it correct to assume your main protagonists could be Latina, Asian or both?

In GRAFFITI GIRL and INVISIBLE TOUCH, the main characters are Latinas. I hope to write a book that blends cultures one day.

4. The publishing industry typically praises authors who continue to tell the "immigrant" story when it comes to People of Color. It seems as though at times people of color have to fall into the same tropes to achieve popularity. We see that many or all your main protagonists are American Latinas. Is it hard to pitch a novel idea when it features people of color who are no different to what the United States has considered it's "default" for so long?
Publishing does categorize young adult fiction, so if your character is multicultural you would have to attempt to pitch the novel as such. It could be tough to sell a multicultural novel if the publisher is not looking to publish a cultural novel at the time. It is definitely up to the publisher and what they feel is selling in the market. Luckily, with small publishers and self-publishing now writers can publish novels they feel strongly about if a larger publisher can’t find a place in the market.

5. What are the last three books you read that made you want to put everything down and continue your own WIPs?
Loved TAKEDOWN by Allison van Diepen. I’m also a huge fan of the Morganville vampire series by Rachel Caine.

6. I know this would be hard to sim down to one, but who is your favorite love interest in the books that you've written? What is the reason behind it? Is there a cute actor you picture as him in your head? XD
I have a soft spot for Anthony in INVISIBLE TOUCH. There wasn’t an actor I based him on, but his tough attitude with his caring side are a heart-melting combo!

7. Fun question! Due to your unique heritage, are there any unique fusion of meals in your home? Italians make great food, Filipinos make great food, Mexicans make great food! Please tell us you've found a recipe to combine you blend of cultures!
Haha! No, I haven’t found a recipe that combines all cultures. However, we enjoy all these cultural foods in our home.

8. Between contemporary and paranormal, you infuse culture effortlessly into your stories. Any plans to give that same effort to other genres?
I love writing contemporary and paranormal, however, I may stray into the sci-fi as well.

9. Who has inspired you most in your life to become a writer? Why did you choose this person?
Reading fabulous stories have inspired me to become a writer. One of my favorite authors as a teen was V.C. Andrews, and as I revisited reading as an adult, I fell in love with Nora Roberts and her J.D. Robb sci-fi series.

10. Now that we've got a glimpse of you, where can we go to receive updates on your work, your day to day gab about your work or just to get to know everything Kelly Parra?
I’ve tried to put as much author information as possible on my website, I keep readers up to date on my facebook page: and twitter page: Please follow for updates!

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