Friday, January 10, 2014

First Post of the New Year!

Hey everybody! =D

The  beginning of the year is always somewhat hectic! After fishing through many entries for our December Diversity month giveaway, we've discovered the two bundles  didn't confirm! We may have to pick a new winner!

But December was very hectic, but we don't want to slow down tooooo much. We have some goals for 2014 that we hope we can accomplish. Making note of them here will definitely make sure we don't forget them! We wouldn't say they're resolutions, as they're not make or break opportunities we hope to get rich off of. Just goals we wanted to accomplish just to do them =) 

Twinja 2014 Goals:

  • Interview an author(traditionally or self published) or publishing industry member once a month.(Excluding December where we will attempt to complete another Diversity month).
  • Create a special blog hop for promoting diversity in fiction.
  • Pay tribute to many of our favorite martial artists each month. We wouldn't be Twinjas if we didn't. =)
  • Read 30 authors from marginalized groups(Between the both of us) and a minimum of 50 main characters from marginalized groups(regardless of the status of the author).
  • Attend one multi genre convention, martial arts convention and writer's conference(It's based on our finances).
  • Start up a multicultural virtual blog tour company(First year it may start out slow to maintain amazing service).
  • Release two self published titles at the very least. Two multicultural fantasy titles(Including our anticipated "The Mark of Noba")and if we manage our time well, a contemporary Young Adult title featuring all Latinas(of all races).
  • Produce three web series pilots for multicultural themed Youtube shows.(Should be interesting. If the response is positive, perhaps they can go further.

Does anyone else have goals they wish to accomplish for their year while the year is young? Would love to hear them!


  1. That is quite the list! I'm intrigued by this: "Start up a multicultural virtual blog tour company(First year it may start out slow to maintain amazing service)." What is it?!


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