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Blogoversary Celebration Day 6: Hangin' with Alysia A. from My Little Pocketbooks!+15.00 Amazon Giveaway & bonus 10.00 Amazon Giveaway!!!

My sister and I follow a large range of blog, so sometimes it's hard to remember every amazing blog we follow unless they review a book we were unsure about or they bring up an amazing discussion. This particular blogger is pretty much notorious for all the reading challenges she takes part in. I mean we're not kidding when we say this blogger reads A TON! But what's stellar is that the most recent challenge she's taking part in(she's also the host) is a diversity challenge. We'd like to introduce to you Alysia @My little Pocketbooks

1.Tell us a little about yourself in 10 words or less.

I'm the daughter of a shopaholic bookworm living in LA.

2. This time we won't be as strict!We wanna know more about your blog and about your love of books. 

Whew!  That last one was hard.  I have been a readers since day one.  My mom, aunts and a lot of the women in my family always had a book in their pocketbooks or on their nightstands.  Books were everywhere and so my love for books and the joy of the trip to the library were the center point of my childhood.  Along with hanging out with my friends and girl scouts.  LOL!  

I took a few years off from living in the US and traveled throughout South Korea, Egypt and Japan with a few stops in other countries.  My travel companion were books I would exchange with other travels and buy at little local bookstores that carried books in English.  Now that I am back home I find books about traveling my new passport to countries I have not made it to yet.

3.What made you want to start a book blog?

After starting Mocha Girls Read book club I wanted to have an outlet to talk about the other books I was reading besides the book club book of the month. 

4.What/who are some of your favorite books and authors?

I just finished Ade by Rebecca Walker and it was AMAZING!  So far this year I read and enjoyed The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Divergent by Veronica Roth.

5. What has been your most prized moment to date as a book blogger?

I have to say that I am enjoying everything about book blogging.  I love meeting other bloggers and connecting with them.  It is a very supportive community.  I still get shocked about authors emailing me and wanting lil ol' me to review their books.

6. So you know we're goina ask......The Diversity Challenge, what inspired you to come up with the challenge? What books have you read so far from the challenge that you'r highly recommend?

I started the Diversity on the Shelf challenge for two reasons.  When I started book blogging there was the POC Reading Challenge.  I loved it and loved the concept.  Sadly, it hasn't come back since then.  I missed it so much I decided to host something like it on my own, with the help and encouragement of other book bloggers.  This is the first reading challenge I have ever hosted too.  Secondly, I just think it is odd that so many book bloggers post their weekly top ten list, book hauls, and other book meme and not once mention a book by a person of color.  Not one!  Are you kidding me?  How is that possible?  So Diversity on the Shelf was born.  I have to say that I am happily shocked to have so many participates who are just as jazzed about promoting diversity in the book blogging community as I am. 

7.What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to being a book blogger?

I really don't have many.  Maybe when I go to link up my book review to a reading challenge I am working on and the host hasn't posted anything in a month (or two).  Ohh!  I hate CAPTSHA!

8.Who has been your favorite character in a book so far out of all the books you've read this year?

This year I am in love with two men.  Adé from the book Adé and Marco from The Night Circus.  I looooovvveeeee them both!

9.What are some ways others can connect with you and learn more about your blog?

You can follow me, Alysia @:

And be sure to check out my book blog!!! @ Little Pocket books!!!

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