Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Martial Artist Spotlight: Balogun Ojetade

After hosting a great event on diversifying "Steampunk" , we just couldn't end the month without highlighting fellow martial artist "Balogun Ojetade"

So few are familiar with martial arts outside of Eastern culture. Many even think that martial arts is even a universal term for any martial art that hails from Asia.

Here's the deal. Every continent has it's own form of self defense. Some countries even have several variations of a martial art. Africa is no different.

I learned a little about African stick fighting a few years back, upon researching martial art's that came from the continent "Africa." I dont know them all, and I dont know all the proper terms for the many that come out of there, but one thing is clear.

Balogun Ojetade is a master of his art.

It isnt just a martial art, it is a spiritual tradition and lifestyle. Egbe Ogun is an art of wrestling , much different from Western and Asian concepts of wrestling. 

I would encourage anyone wanting to learn more, to head on over to his official site

There are many interesting principles to Egbe Ogun, so many, I dont even know where to start!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Balogun as an author, he has been highlighted twice on Twinja Book Reviews!

He is one of the co-founders of SteamFunk, a philosophy or style of writing that combines African and or African American culture, as well as approach to life, to that of the steampunk philosophy and or steampunk fiction(His words!).

He can be found @ Balogun's official blog


  1. I always learn from this author. So interesting!


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