Friday, April 11, 2014

Diversify Your Steampunk! Join Twinja Book Reviews for our 9 day event!

Were sure you heard of Steampunk? You know the sub-genre of science fiction that is known for featuring steam powered machinery, airships, and typically alternative histories? Jules Verne? Pretty much one of the grand-daddies of the genre. Were sure many have heard of him!

Even through it's genius, the sub-genre can have it's faults. Up until recently, it has almost always centered on the 19th century British Victorian era, or the American "Wild West." Which are clearly interesting eras to focus on, but what were others countries doing during this era? 

I(Guinevere) have read much more steampunk books than my sister(Libertad). For the most part, she just has never been interested in a sub-genre that excludes diverse characters. And she has every right to. I mean, don't we all have the right to imagine a diverse world, with diverse characters? Especially if we are investing our money into these stories being told. Shouldn't they be reflecting every reader, and not just one who is a "default" hero as your average white, straight, cis-gendered, able bodied man?

Well we can say one thing! Steampunk is definitely stepping in the right direction, and has been since the surge of independent authors have been allowed to unlock the chains typically held by a traditional publishing house. Traditional publishing houses are trying, slowly, to explore diversity in steampunk as well.

With that being said, were hosting a 9 day event called "Diversify Your Steampunk."

We've compiled a list of 10 authors, or dominant steampunk figures in the steampunk junket! All give their take on what steampunk is to them, and how they incorporate diversity in their own way. Proudly we announce we've been lucky enough to receive sit downs with the following:

1. Balogun Ojetade- Author of "Chronicles of Harriet"(including many others), co-founder of "SteamFunk"

2. Milton Davis- Author of "Meji" series(as well as many others), co-founder of "SteamFunk"

3. Susan Kaye Quinn- Author of "Third Daughter" her Bolly-punk novel, speculative fiction author

4. Jay Noel- Author of "Dragonfly Warrior", Alternative Japan-based steampunk 

5. Joseph Bruchac- Author of "Killer of Enemies", Alternative Native American/American Indian-based steampunk

6. Diana Pho aka "Ay-leen The Peacemaker"- Activist, editor, Blogger for "Beyond Victoriana", a multicultural steampunk blog 

7. Jaymee Goh- Blogmistress and online activist for "Silver Goggles", where she talks about diveristy and steampunk, and maybe whatever she wants to at random!

8. Lev AC Rosen- Author of "Men of All Genius", New Adult Steampunk novel

9. Arthur Slade- Author of "The Hunchback Assignments", Steampunk author with too many works to list!

10. Max Gladstone- Author of "Three Parts Dead" , Urban Fantasy Steampunk novel

Sound fun? Well it gets a little more interesting! We'll host a giveaway to win Max Gladstone's first book in his "Three Parts Dead" series! All this diversity, and a giveaway too? It couldn't get better than this!


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