Thursday, August 7, 2014

Week One: Covers - Fifth Favorite! A Time To Dance by Padma Venkatraman+ Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

It's been a challenge narrowing down our favorite book covers to just six choices but every second has been fun! We had sooooo many options and we'd love to open up the floor for this topic again but until then we'd like to introduce our 5th favorite book cover:

 A Time to Dance by Padma Venkatraman


I loooooooove this cover because it's so simple but the colors used are just breathtaking. The fonts, the graphics and the Woman of Color on the cover? After I read in the blurb that the main protagonist was disabled, I had to have it! It's rare when I find books that feature disabled People of Color as main protagonists, or even at all! Whoever designed this cover is super talented!
Now that you have an idea of what we like in covers,We gotta know, what do you guys look for in a book cover?
Remember to comment for a chance to win Ellen Oh's "Prophecy/Warrior" and Sarwat Chadda's "The Savage Fortress/The City of Death!" No Rafflecopter this time! All you have to do is comment answering what draws you to book covers and YOU'RE ENTERED! It's just that easy! There will be TWO lucky winners!You could be one of them!


  1. Oh my! This cover is absolutely STUNNING. Thanks for sharing. On my way to check out the book,,,

  2. @madhuriblaylock, isnt it stunning? I hope you're able to enjoy it as much I hope I will. Long time coming. We need more diversity and intersectionality with main characters with disabilities!

  3. Wow, the clover is perfect!! Love the emphasis on the classical dancer. Instant cover love for me!!

  4. @Ashfa I thought so too! It takes a lot of work to find characters of color who have disabilities, so I was glad when I found this!


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