Friday, August 1, 2014

Week One: Covers - First Favorite! Upcoming Release by Sarah Ockler

So this is how we plan to highlight our favorites!
Unfortunately, the month starts on a freaking Friday! Bummer! So The first week will have six days of highlights, today and all the weekdays next Friday!
Our first week will highlight "Oh So Gorgeous Book Covers!"

Soooooo......Which one is first?

My first take with this cover was wow! Either I have to have this, I need to pre-order it..*fast forward online search* 
So for those of you not familiar with Sarah Ockler, she famously wrote a blog post in 2012, encouraging white authors to write outside of what they know more. I admit, I still haven't read any of her books, but I think I finally found the one I want to lose my "Sarah Ockler Virginity" to!
"The Summer of Chasing Mermaids" is a Young Adult romance/realistic fiction novel, not slated for release until 2015. What? We have to wait that long????
I know, it sucks right?  This is one of the first covers I literally wanted to throw myself into the internet and find a way to own this book! Libby is the interracial romance connoisseur, and I practically pinched myself as I showed her Sarah Ockler's cover reveal of the book.
It's absolutely gorgeous, and I love that it features an interracial couple, ON THE COVER. Aren't they adorable? Shove that up pipe and smoke that Mainstream Fiction!  Interracial love exists too! I'm glad your love us amazing, but white people aren't the only people who fall in love!
Dont forget to comment for a chance to win Ellen Oh's "Prophecy/Warrior" and Sarwat Chadda's "The Savage Fortress/The City of Death!"


  1. This looks AMAZING. Thanks for sharing, you two! I'm definitely adding this to my TBR. I love the fact that the cover doesn't shy away from the fact that the two mains are of different races, like so many other books out there which try to downplay it to gain a larger readership. Kudos to the author for writing outside her comfort zone! Can't wait to read it.

  2. @Sasha, isnt it cool! Sarah Ockler definitely writes outside her comfort zone, did you see the article she wrote in 2012?

    That was around the time I started reading more diversely, and I was happy to see so many people were adamant on having diversity in books. Many dont know or see the need because they're often already represented so much, that Im glad someone sees they can use privilege for good!

  3. Ah, another amazing book by Sarah Ockler. :) This one sounds even better than all her other books and the cover is super cute!!

    I'm a huge fan of Sarah Ockler's books but I just read her blog post now and, wow, hats off to her!

  4. @Ashfa I know! If I ever needed a push, that article was it! Now a fan! XD

  5. OMG I haven't heard about this until now! Thank you for sharing! I love the cover too and the sound of it!

  6. @Michelle
    Isn't the cover amazing!I do hope you check it out, i know i will!


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