Friday, August 22, 2014

Week Three of OUR Favorites, Day Five: Diversity in Fantasy Art-The Mark of Noba/Alice Bessoni+ Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

So were on to Day Five, the last day!

Today's highlight we think is the one we're close to the most. Part of today's highlight is based off not only our own concepts, but the artist's efforts to create our concepts as well.

So we've talked about our "light" Science Fiction/Fantasy project "The Mark of Noba." If you don't know, it features two main characters who come from a world known as "Noba", where people have the ability to manipulate elements Water and Wind, as well as travel to different worlds and times.

What makes the main characters particularly cool, is that they have a rare relationship, a spiritual rite of passage known as "bonding", where they become spiritually linked to one another(which also heightens one's abilities). Upon searching high and low for an artist to commission the cover, we were lucky to find our go-to artist, whom is today's highlight!

"Alice Bessoni."

Originally from Brazil, we connected through Deviantart on a forum looking for artists who had little difficulty drawing/painting characters of color. In "The Mark of Noba", the series' first book, we explore an alternative universe, where the way we identify race is much different. By our world's standards, exceptions for Sterling, every character is a person of color, which includes Tetra, the woman he is spiritually bonded to.

Alice did such a great job capturing not only their "Geotic" looks(which is their "Earth" at the time being) but their "Noban" looks as well, as well as future worlds they inhabit.

She's also a writer, which she considers herself first, before an artist.

We've also worked with her on numerous occasions, and does some amazing work for others as well. But our concepts challenge her, as she often claims she is not used to drawing young people!

These are just some examples of what she's done for us:


The man on the left is Sterling. The woman on the right is Tetra. Three of their "Geotic ties" aka, friends/other main characters are also people of color, and then remaining supporting characters are all people of color as well. 

Not that this deserves any special bragging rights. Diversity should always be present. And it's important that people understand that diversity means different things to different people.

There's more where that comes from, but we believe it'd be best to sit back and stay tuned :)

 I didn't post her real picture out of respect for her privacy, but if anyone is interested in contacting Alice for commission, here are links:

So close to the last day! Which means were getting closer to the end of our favorites month!

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  1. The Mark of Noba sounds superb!! And the drawing of the Tetra women and Sterling man is amazing too!!

  2. @ Ashfa Thank you! While race is categorized differently in their current world, but if I could describe two characters as a race, one would be South Asian, one East Asian and the other main character Latino!

  3. The artwork is simply spectacular!

  4. @kelan would love to share more of it with you ;p there's more!


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