Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week Two Favorites End of the Week Wrap Up!


We highlighted some awesome blogs this week! Hopefully ones many could take something from, and maybe even come back to for future discussions!

If you missed it, here's who we featured:

Donnie Darko Girl

Jennifer of book blog Donnie Darko Girl

(un)Conventional Bookviews

Amanda of Elfswood: Dream,Escape, Read

Marieke Nijkamp of Diversif_YA

Kody, Corinne and Kayla of Disability in Kidlit

See??? Awesome blogs! That's why we follow them!

Now that we've finished with blog/bloggers, on to next week's theme:

Diversity in Fantasy Art

We have alot going on this month! Between gaining more Tour Hosts for Diverse Book Tours(with a hefty giveaway to bat!) we are also hosting our own giveaway on Twinja Book Reviews! In homage to our two favorite authors Ellen Oh and Sarwat Chadda, we are hosting a giveaway to win Ellen Oh's first two books, "Prophecy" and "Warrior" or Sarwat Chadda's first two books, "The Savage Fortress" and "The City of Death".

The way to enter is simple! All you have to do is comment on either one of those posts and you're entered!


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