Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week Two of OUR Favorites, Day One: Blogs and Bloggers, First up *Donnie Darko Girl*aka Jennifer + Ellen Oh's Prophecy/Warrior & Sarwat Chadda's The Savage Fortress/The City of Death giveaway!

So we all have them. Blogs and Bloggers that we follow religiously! Oh yes! We are not ashamed to say that we have a list full of sites that we stalk on a regular basis. In fact, we thought, Why not turn an event out of it. So that brings us to Week Two of our favorites month:
Favorite Blogs and Bloggers

Our first honor goes to a Blog/Blogger that we totally love and adore who goes by the pseudonym, *Donnie Darko Girl*

This blogger ranks high with us because I mean let's face it, She's pretty DAMN COOL! I mean would you look at her hair! 

Dope, right???

I think what we love most about this blogger is that she's so dedicated to the content that's on her blog. As a fellow book blogger, We know it can be difficult sometimes to by consistent with content and some days, you just don't feel like it. She's also pretty diverse with her choice of books that she reviews, so you can always look forward to all types of different reviews on her blog! There's nothing like a book blog reviewer that is totally limited to just YA, NA or romance!

 Not this blogger! Don't you love that!

We can always count on Jennifer to for awesome reviews, Stellar posts and tons of love! We hear she's also an aspiring writer, so with that larger than life online persona, we look extra forward to her future works!

Not to be bossy but we totally think you should Stalk her(Ya know not literally, lol), Follow her, Tweet with her, any way possible to get to know this amazing blogger also known as Donnie Darko girl! 

You won't regret it!!!!

Don't forget to comment for a chance to win Ellen Oh's "Prophecy/Warrior" and Sarwat Chadda's "The Savage Fortress/The City of Death!" Did away with the Rafflecopter for this month to make things fun! All you have to do is comment answering what draws you to book covers and YOU'RE ENTERED! Simple, right? There will be TWO lucky winners! Why not be one of them!


  1. Wow you guys! I don't even know what to say! You've stolen the words from me, and that's not an easy feat to accomplish. ;) This is a beautifully written post, and to know that I have an impact makes all the hard work worth every minute. I look to you for inspiration and am with you all the way in your commitment to diversify the books we love. xx

  2. @Jennifer We love your blog! We had to spotlight you XD

  3. She's a bit like Laini Taylor minus the glasses! :D Her blog's another one I follow and love her reviews!

  4. @Ashfa Yay! Show some Jennifer love! XD


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