Thursday, September 4, 2014

What to expect from us in September!

So we were busy bees in August. Phew! So glad for it to be over! All the giveaway prizes were sent out, so congrats Ashfa and Sunny Chen! You should receive your gifts shortly!

What's to come for the month of September:

Twinja Book Reviews is hosting an interview with Latin@s in KidLit September 15th as the kick start National Hispanic Heritage Month.

We try to celebrate more Latino authors, bloggers, writers, and the whole nine yards all year round, but just wanted to remind readers to look up and research more authors or novels depicting Latinos more!

We're also proud to be the hosts to a guest post featuring the editors of "Accessing The Future" , a SF anthology exploring disabilities, amongst other marginalizations!

We look forward to hosting Djibril al-Ayad(from The Future Fire) and Kathryn Allan!

Has anyone taken a look @ Diverse Book Tours? We're officially accepting submissions with our business venture with Sasha @ So Bookishly! 

Have you gotten a chance to sign up as a Tour Host?

If you sign up now, you can be apart of the first tour we're scheduling!

Author Madhuri Blaylock is looking for bloggers like you for an amazing Review Opportunity!

Click on the link to learn more!


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