Saturday, October 18, 2014

Black Speculative Fiction Month Day 18, #BSFM Co-Creator Author Milton Davis

We couldn't have Black Speculative Fiction Month without it's other creator, author Milton Davis.

Milton has made himself comfy on several of our bookshelves, and has been a guest on our blog during our "Diversify Your Steampunk" event, highlighting Steampunk outside of it's default narrative.

He and Balogun Ojetade single handedly created a month to specifically celebrate Black Speculative Fiction, a much needed event for geeks like ourselves.

Black Speculative Fiction Month will become a permanent event on our blog because of them. Let's not waste another second! Here's what Milton has to say about Black Speculative Fiction Month! 

What is Black Speculative Fiction Month? What prompted it's initial start up? Why is it important? What are themes you expect from Black writers who write Speculative Fiction? Are there any rules to follow?
Black Speculative Fiction Month is a month set aside to highlight, promote and encourage Black Speculative Fiction. It was created by Balogun Ojetade and myself. Every October we participate in Alien Encounters, a black speculative fiction event created by The Auburn Avenue Research Library. As were discussing this event we decided there should be a month in which such efforts were highlighted. So we decided that month would be October and chose to call it Black Speculative Fiction Month.

There are no particular rules to it. We hope to draw attention to any black speculative fiction events occurring during the month as well as celebrate those who create such work. We are also encouraging black speculative fiction creators throughout the Diaspora to give events during this month as well.

How do you define "Speculative" Fiction? When did you know you were a fan of Speculative Fiction? 

Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term used to represent most fantastic genres such as science fiction, paranormal, sword and soul, steamfunk, urban fantasy and others. I've been a fan of speculative fiction almost all my life, first through comics then through novels and other media.

 What can Black Speculative Fiction Month do for the future of Black authors?

I hope it will spread the word among present and future fans that black speculative fiction is a thing, as my daughter would say, and it's a thing that's here to stay. I hope it will make people aware of creators beyond their current scope and generate more readers and revenues for those creators, because the reality is in order to continue creating we have to make a profit. 

Who are some of your favorite Black Speculative Fiction authors?

Charles R. Saunders, Balogun Ojetade, Valjeanne Jeffers, Carole McDonnell, Tananarive Due, Ronald Jones, DaVaun Sanders and David Anthony Durham. I'm sure I'm missing somebody. :-)

What can authors, book bloggers, or anyone who seems interested in BSFM, do to spread awareness?

Take the time to share your favorite black speculative creators with everyone you know, even if they don't read speculative fiction. I've learned that many black people don't read speculative fiction because they don't know we're writing it but more specifically because they don't know we're writing it about us. If you're a blogger, blog about your favorite black speculative creator this month. And if you've always been curious about black speculative fiction, make this your month to dive in the pool. The water's fine. And last but not least use the hashtag #BSFM. It will link you to other great BSFM topics and events. 


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