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Blended and Bold: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of Bi-Racial/Multi-Racial Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM

We weren't sure how readers would interpret a list full of main protagonists whom are of African heritage, but also a blend of identities.

Black identity is extremely important to us, especially because we're Afro-Latina. We don't identify as mixed race but it is always difficult to explain being of blended cultures or identities and proud of such.

As a woman who has a biracial boyfriend(who is half Black-Haitian and half White-Colombian) I tend to forget that he struggles with identity and how he classifies himself as much as I do. We come from two different sides of the pond. We talk about race ALL the time. I know he doesn't always have it as easy as I think he does.
So this list isnt to alienate, prove what counts as "Black Enough." It's just to acknowledge that not all black stories are one size fits all.

 Jamie Reed's Cambion Chronicles series features a biracial heroine who falls for a incubus.

 What I think I like about the heroine in "The Drowned Cities", is that it deviates outside of the typical black and white identity. Seems like most biracial characters I see in books "have" to be half white to sell. The heroine in this story is actually half Black and half Asian(Chinese to be specific). I would like to see more than the obvious black & white stories being told, well...because everything isn't always black and white.

 So the cover's super awesome. A black chick wielding lightning? So there. I sense a little Avatar: The Last Airbender in there, seeing how there are mages that have the ability to control an element(such as water,fire, air, earth, metal or ether). In this SFF time travel novel, the end of the world is near. The main character and her friends are forced to band together to figure out a way to save the world before it ends. Catastrophic!

Oh the controversy on this book. Initially "Magic Under Glass" was a book that received a bunch of press because of it's whitewashed cover. Book bloggers out-cried, and before we knew it, the book was re-released with a new cover, better matching it's biracial heroine. Part steampunk, part fairy, all paranormal fantasy.

 In this paranormal psychological thriller, a psychiatrist soon finds out he shares a connection with a 6 year old boy. Both harbor the spirit of 10,000 year old deity in their subconscious. While the novel is diverse all the way, it should also be noted that the main character Clay, is multiracial. We had the author Bret Alexander Sweet on our blog last year, which can be viewed here. He is also our closer for Black Speculative Fiction Month, and we almost met during our recent trip to KidLitCon!

 I'll admit, Im not crazy about everything with this title. While it challenges what it look like to be biracial, it hits just a small nerve. It features biracial twins whom are half black and white. Sadie, the sister is white(by the standards of her appearance) and Carter, the brother is black(basing off his appearance).

Sadie isn't any less black, just because she has blond hair and blue eyes, but what I will say is it seems like a missed opportunity. I'd recommend it because Rick Riordan is a good storyteller.

 I haven't officially read any cyber punk books, but when I do, I may start with this! Another hero who deviates from the typical Black/White narrative, ironically named Hiro, is actually half Black and half Asian(Japanese to be exact). Hiro is a pizza delivery guy/computer hacker who strangely enough, co-created an entire world you can enter through the internet.

He is forced to find a way to stop a computer virus(one in which it harms the computer and it's user) from spreading throughout the world.

 Isn't the cover boy hot?!? Transcendence is an paranormal romance book that features an interracial couple, one whom is biracial. Both are paranormal beings whom have the ability to recall each past life they've lived to make the world a better place.

This book stars a biracial heroine whose parents are a West African goddess and a Norse god. She is on the hunt for her abducted daughter from her estranged husband, hell bent on gaining power for his ancient demonic master. Truths are tested in this supernatural "Soul Eaters" novella.

While you can't tell from first glance, the leading lady from "Dust Girl"  is not only half fairy, half human, she's also half black and half white. What's most interesting about her heritage? Her birth father is the King of the Seelie Court. And he's a brotha! I've never seen a Black Fey in any book, let alone the King of all Fey. It's set in the 1920's, so it should be interesting to see what the time setting has to do with the plot.


For comic lovers. So Im not going to go with an obvious choice. Y'all thought I was goina highlight Miles Morales again didn't you? Well, I gotta keep things fresh. I dug deep and found an awesome bi-racial heroine of African descent named Jenni Ognats, or better known by her super heroine name "XS."
Interestingly enough, she comes from a very long line of super fast heroes. She is the granddaughter of  the second "Flash", Barry Gordon, and also the daughter of Dawn Allen, one half of "The Tornado Twins."

As a member of the "Legionnaires" , or a group of teenage counterparts(and possible clones) to the seasoned "Legion of Super Heroes" at least her ability of super speed(inherited no less, amongst others) are put to good use.

I really should have made a better effort to make sure I had more girl comic book characters on this list! But here goes....


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