Monday, November 17, 2014

Guess who got to be The Cybils' November Featured Bloggers of the Month =)

So we should probably brag that we're "The Cybils" Featured Bloggers of the month!
For anyone who doesnt know much about The Cybils, which is understandable if you live under a rock, is an award that bloggers like you and me, can vote on to recognize the best titles for children's and young adult titles each year.

It's a pretty serious event, so for authors, make sure your work is edited well, as while they have opened up a category for self-published titles, it's got to be the best of the best!

Want to find out more? Check out their guidelines!

In the meantime, have a gander at our post!


  1. Congratulations! =D
    And I guess I live under a rock, I have never HEARD of this award before visiting this blog. XD

  2. @Ashana Lian, If were being honest, we just found out about them via KidLitCon. It was amazing how we were the ONLY ones who had little or no idea what the cybils were. But it allows the true readers, book bloggers, critique the best of the best, so it's really pretty awesome =)

  3. Great work! It's wonderful that you are getting the word out there for multicultural lit!

  4. Even if you dont read diversely, The Cybils is a great resource for great books in kid lit and YA!


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