Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Look! Im everywhere XD @drupkins @MadhuriBlaylock @dos_twinjas

So I've been very busying spewing out much needed(and much procrastinated I might say XD)guest posts for some awesome authors just weeks before our 2nd Annual Diversity Month.

We will get a chances to guest post on Latin@s in Kid Lit and GayYa soon, so we're busy,busy,busy!

Neither Libertad, nor I ever run out of topics to talk about when it comes to diversity. Even when you think you do, another subject comes up. 

Diversity is more about race, so when you acknowledge sexual orientation/identity, religion, size, socio-economic background, disability and all the other things that make a person diverse, the conversation never really ends.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to make my first ever stop to Twinja Book Reviews' "King of All Geeks" Dennis Upkins, author of "Hollowstone" and "West of Sunset."
I got to talk about how the people around us tend discourage how we do things, particularly read, diversely.

Have a gander at that!

Today I got to pop things off on author Madhuri BlayLock's blog, on her #SupportWNDB series of guest posts about diversity in books.
There I got to discuss why I prefer diverse main characters, to supporting diverse characters.

Yeah, just have a look see there...

If you havent already, consider donating to the #SupportWNDB campaign before their kickstarter ends! Their efforts are really everyone's efforts, and the more we do to support them the more we get to see diverse books get out there!


  1. You're everywhere because you're just awesome like that. Keep on keeping on!


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