Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Check Guinevere's Guest Post out over @thegayYA @dos_twinjas @aravere

So if you guys dont know, we're huge supporters of f/f depictions in fiction. Much like m/m fiction, f/f focuses on relationships between women(mostly romantic, but can also be aromantic as well!)

But there's such a lack of representation within the genre, it frustrates us, especially because there aren't as much focusing on women in same sex relationships as men. It also frustrated us, upon searching far and wide, how negatively readers, particularly women, have painted f/f depictions in fiction.

This is not to say all readers feel this way, but I smell misogyny lurking around ^_^

So when I contacted GayYa if it was alright to do a guest post focusing on  f/f depictions in the media, I was so happy they allowed me a chance to come into their home!

They allowed me to pen "Women in Love" a post opening up a conversation about how women love in books, and how we're seen when we do.

Hope you guys check it out!


  1. Quote from guest post:
    I can’t count how many reviews I’ve read that stated something along the lines of, “The girl was a goody two-shoes/lovesick idiot/no-common-sense wench, and I hated her.” But you flip the review around and you read comments like, “Insert-guy’s-name-here was a complete asshole/stalker/abusive archetype BUT I JUST LOVED HIM.”
    Haha! How true is that. I did find myself nodding through the whole post, basically. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND READ IT, PEOPLE!!!
    Sorry I wasn't able to comment on the site as well, because I don't have a Wordpress account.

  2. @Roberta Thanks so much for checking it out! I'm very passionate about queer identity with girls and women in books, so i suppose it was just a matter of time before I articulated it in a relevant post!


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