Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ready for Week 4?-Twinja Book Reviews 2nd Annual Diversity Month+Kindle Fire 6" and Book Giveaway!

Last week? A whomping success. Many of our featured guests let their friends and readers know about our Diversity Month event, as well as you awesome bloggers.

There were so many great guests last week, but the best(or should I say equally best) is yet to come!

I should also mention, that recently Guinevere did a guest post on GayYa! It's set to post in a few days, and hopefully we'll get to see them during our Diversity Month event, but in the meantime, here is this week's awesome-sauce schedule!

Week 4
December 22nd: Author Interview w/ Josh Farrar, author of "A Song for Bijou"

December 23rd: Author Interview w/ Thelonious Legend, author of "Sins of The Father"

December 24th: Publisher Interview w/ Stacy Whitman of Tu Books

December 25th: Author Interview w/ Justina Ireland, author of "Vengeance Bound" and "Promise of Shadows"

December 26th: Author Interview w/ Joseph Bruchac, author of "Killer of Enemies", "Wolf Mark", "A Boy Called Snow" and so many awesome titles, there's not enough room to list!

December 27th: Blogger/Librarian Interview w/ Sarah Hannah Gomez, of Mclicious

December 28th: Author Interview w/ Maya Gonzalez, award winning children's book author

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