Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Martial Artist Spotlight: Edna Lima

So I admit I have no idea who scheduling a post works. This was scheduled to post February 28th, but the damn thing didnt post XD

So my February spotlight is about a day late, so I felt it necessary to add the extra intro. But no worries, 2015 is Twinja Book Review's year to highlight all the women, unknown or not, in the martial arts community.

Introducing February's Martial Spotlight:

Edna Lima

I saw this woman in Latina magazine a few years back. What surprised me about our next spotlight was that she was the first woman "Mestranda" or master in Portuguese, in her field.

I feel especially close to Mestranda Edna Lima, seeing how she's Afro-Latina, and her presence in martial arts is enough to show Black-Latinos exist, with great excellence at that. Her journey with Capoeira is so inspiring.

Starting at 12 years old, she said it was unheard of for a poor Black girl aspire to perform Capoeira. She begged her mother to spare 20 bucks a month to take classes, and from there her life was changed.

She became the first woman to earn the Mestra title in Capoeira in 1981, but is also a fifth degree black belt in Shokotan Karate.

What's even more awesome about her, is that she teaches martial arts and dance in NYC.

If you're anywhere near the NYC area, you can visit or take a class from her here.

Here's a video from her 25 year anniversary being in NYC!


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