Friday, July 31, 2015

July Martial Artist Spotlight: Jing Bai

It's that time again, where we pop off the end of every month with a martial artist that's made an impact. It's been a great year of highlights, especially because 2015 was the Year of The Women, and we've chosen only to highlight women who've brought something to martial arts, combat fighting, stunts or martial arts movies.

It's usually a happy time to get better for us to get better acquainted with those we may have lost, who deserve to have some light shone on them, even after their time on Earth has passed.

Our next Martial Artist Spotlight met an untimely end when she was murdered in 2012.

Her future was bright, but it doesn't mean her legacy died then, it just means we have to try much harder to make sure her memory live on =)

Our July Martial Artist Spotlight is:

Jing Bai
 Jing Bai( also known as Bai Jing to Western audiences) was a martial artist and actress. She's been in numerous titles but is most famous for her titular role in "Kung Fu Wing Chun" becoming the next successor to portray Yim Wing-chun onscreen.
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 It's quite a tragedy she's no longer with us, but instead of moping about how she died, we should celebrate how she lived.

If you're not familiar with "Kung Fu Wing Chun" you should definitely check it out!


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