Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week Two Day Five Book Boos: I Hunt Killers's Jasper Dent @barrylyga+ amazing #YA adventure books #giveaway

Okay so I know what you're thinking...Anyone who read this book knows the kind of guy Jasper Dent was and knows he had some pretty dark thoughts. I mean the guy fantasizes about hurting women, a talent he picked up from Dear Old Dad.(I never get tired of saying that!) Now that doesn't exactly make Jasper topping anyone's Top Ten Crush alert but I have to explain why it is I loved "Baby Billy Dent" so damn much!

Jasper had mommy issues. Jasper had flaws, Jasper had demons that he was battling everyday. He knew that without interpersonal relationships he would be forced to live alone with the voices inside his head telling him to do bad things that would send him over the deep end.

One of the things I think connected me to Jasper was that he wasn't your typical jerky, douchebag badboy. In fact he wasn't a bad boy at all. I'd even go as far as calling him the Anti-Badboy. He tired so hard to be good and was supreme at convincing the world he was. I might be going above and beyond to convince you all how great he really was but he was the kind of character that I rooted for and I accepted that with all the good he did, he was always going to have a little darkness in him. 

*How I pictured the oh so broken Jasper Dent*

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I'm going to have to say that Jasper Dent ranks NUMERO UNO in my plethora of Book Boos. He's the only Book Boo that's ever convinced me that "Boys are better in books than in real life" was actually true. I go hard for my Boo. Which characters in books do you go hard for? 


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