Monday, August 3, 2015

Week One Day One Favorite Covers: Coal @constanceburris + #YA #awesome #bookgiveaway

*Cracks knuckles* Ahhh so where were we? Ah yes, It it our first day of our beloved #Favoritecovers week. 

What draws readers to covers? Is it typography? Is it people? Is it colors? Well today's cover featured all three and I have to say, I was reading this story on Wattpad before the author published it(She of course has gotten it professionally edited since then) and it went through like 3 covers before she finally settled on this one.

And with great reason. Something about the colors really convinced me to buy this book and I love how the Typography reminds me of a tree! Plus I mean, look at those intense eyes staring back at you! I'm reading the book for a blog tour and so far so good but it was the cover that totally convinced me to judge it. I know, I know. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but hey, if it's positive, I say why not?

Courtesy of some of our favorite reads, we will be hosting a giveaway for many of the books we feature in our giveaway and it's open to both North American Bloggers as well as you bloggers overseas so I do hope you consider entering!

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What were some of your favorite covers this year?


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