Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our 3rd Annual Diversity Month Event is right around the corner!

We've been super quiet in the past few weeks!

Managing an active review blog, and trying to meet deadlines for editors with multiple projects is no easy feat!

But we can't leave the year without doing it big with our Diversity Month event!

For first timers, we started hosting a month full of guest posts or interviews that highlight diversity in ways we may not always think to cover.

Last year was amazing. We were able to highlight size diversity, which is often misrepresented, socioeconomic diversity, as well as introduce folks to amazing writers they may or may not know!

This year will be no different!

As our line-up confirms, we'll release a short list of guests we plan to host week per week!

We've even created a form, for future guests, so if you or anyone you know would like to be apart of next years, they can fill out the form any time of the year!

We offer a month full of interviews, reviews, guest posts and inside look at diversity in the publishing industry as a whole, and what we could be doing better to make the next year we tackle diversity better.

Plus there's usually a huge giveaway! Introduction to new authors, free stuff? You really can't go wrong!


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