Sunday, August 28, 2016

#NAAugust Week Five, Day 28: What's Next For New Adult - Your Heart Will Grow by C.M. Lloyd
So the month is almost over and the last week's theme focuses on What's Next For New Adult

 The author to the next rec totally doesn't know this, but we'd been stalking her twitter a long time😆

She always had such inspiring things to say, and we were wanting like mad for her to announce a book release of hers, because we knew it'd be inclusive.

It was kind of surreal she read a book of ours and liked it👀

 Especially since it was a book we were so sure people would hate.

So it's awesome to know she's expecting a release soon, and it's speculative fiction, my fave(Guin)!

It's not slated to release until next year, but here are all the reasons you should add it to you Goodreads TBR!

Reasons I chose Your Heart Will Grow:

~It had mermaids. Move out of the way Ariel, we don't need you anymore😈

~It's extremely inclusive! The main characters feature a trans-man soldier and a pansexual mermaid, so it's one of the few M/F romances with a trans-guy as a main character that had positive rep!

~It's a Romantic Fantasy, which has my two favorite things in books!

~It leaves a lot to look forward to for 2017!

Again, the book doesn't slate for release until 2017 by Torquere Press, but if you follow C.M. Lloyd on Twitter, you can get updated on any cover reveals,or info leading up to its release! Joy!


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