Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Black Panther film is set to be released in 2017, just in time for #BSFM

It's official! 

T'Challa, or also known as "Black Panther" is set to headline his own movie with an anticipated 2017 release.

With a talented hottie like Chadwick Boseman attached, he'll definitely pull it off, given that a good script is put his way.
Hollywood hasn't been known to throw many bones in the name of diversity. It's definitely a missed opportunity considering how much non-white folk basically support the film industry, whether we're represented or not.

After 2012, I haven't supported many Hollywood films. Independent directors and filmmakers seem like the future to me as far as representation is concerned. But between Michael B. Jordan being cast in the reboot of "The Fantastic Four" as Johnny Storm, and this, who knows? I'd definitely support these in the theaters.

Couldn't have gotten better news on Twinja Book Reviews before our Black Speculative Fiction Month event ended!


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