Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Twinja Book Reviews Top 10 List of Speculative Fiction titles w/ AA protagonists #BSFM

After dedicating a fistful of lists featuring YA and MG categories, We wanted to shed light on some Adult novels with strong #Specfic themes.

Yes, you'll probably find some authors and titles that you're all familiar but we hope you discover some new titles as well on our Top Ten List of Speculative Fiction w/ African American protagonists.

For any of you readers who are just dying for a story depicting the African Continent in a Post apocalyptic Sudan...

Three words for you:
"Who Fears Death"

This one is kinda YA, but has an older target audience vibe to it. Would recommend to any readers who like light Sci-Fi! Oh and isn't the cover just the prettiest?

Caribbean folklore with a Sci-Fi twist. This is truly Dystopian at it's finest! Move Over Divergent!

An Epic tale of Romance, Paranormal and Historical Fiction wrapped in one in this Vampire Urban Fantasy.
Who can resist a story about a huntress battling Vampires and Demons with a talent for Spoken Word?

Compared to Interview with a Vampire for it's likeness, I think anyone who gives "My Soul to Keep" a chance, will be pleasantly surprised on how amazingly different it is. The detail that sold me?

 Ethiopian Immortals!

Read this people...Steampunk theme in an underwater London!AN UNDERWATER LONDON! What about that does not sound intriguing?

Described as the African Conan/Tarzan, Charles Saunders takes us to the fictional Africa, Nyumbani in this "Sword and Soul" tale.

Imagine an alternate history where Africans colonialized The USA and the Aztecs survived and flourished? That's exactly what you get in Lion's Blood!

In this Saga, A Fierce Heroine with Two Lionesses as her companions would even give Michonne A la Walking Dead a run for her money!

So we'll admit, we have a bias! 
This Bonus Comic character,Misty Knight, was the first character we had seen in the comic world that made us really drawn to Martial Arts.

 A part of of was because she shares our mami's name MERCEDES but mostly because she was this fierce wrecking ball with a Bionic arm and Insane Martial Arts skills to match.
Her look is reminiscent of our own, with her natural hair, Darker skin and Big Hoop earrings. She, to the Twinjas, is why Representation is so important. When people see people that look like them doing these amazing things, you in hindsight can grow up believing you can be amazing too!
Hats off to my girl Misty Knight....And don't be surprised if next year one of us are her for NY's Comic Con! 


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