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Characters From The Motherland: Twinja Book Reviews Top Ten List of African Main Characters in Spec Fic #BSFM

So we've highlighted Afro-Latinos, Bi/Multi-Racial and for the most part African American main characters in books. But what about the selected few who are able to identify with specific countries in Africa?

Many Black Americans have parents whom are immigrants from all over the continent of Africa. Since it's also the birth of humanity, it doesn't hurt to make a list highlighting main characters who can trace their ancestry before slavery.

For our last list, we cover Characters From The Motherland.
We'll try to make sure every book on the list can highlight specific countries, as opposed to pretending Africa is a monolithic continent, where every culture is the same. But if it's not stated, it is possibly a fictional world based on Africa.

So this book is actually not out yet, but the cover is simply beautiful. If Im not mistaken "Abengoni" is a fictional place, mirroring a country in Africa? I could be wrong, but if Im not, Im all about highlighting the fictional places based on Africa as well. This "Sword and Soul" fantasy novel is penned by a Black Speculative Fiction favorite, and is set for a release November 24th, 2014. Click above to pre-order today!

 With Nnedi Okorafor, it's really all about picking your poison. she tends to stay very true to her Nigerian heritage, but also highlights Nigerian main characters who have blended identities like herself(Like being American, but of Nigerian descent, and never both enough for either). There are too many titles to list, so just click on above to buy a book!

We've highlighted this book on another Top Ten, but it just is too awesome not to highlight again. "The Eye, The Ear and The Arm" features three siblings in their race for survival in this SF tale set in a futuristic Zimbabwe. 

"Sword and Soul" is a sub-genre of fantasy similar to "Sword and Sorcery" but with African main characters, African lore, and influence. Much like "Steamfunk", Black men and women are front and center of their own stories, with cultures true to the original heritage we were all forced to forget. The best-selling "Griots" anthology features 14 short stories from Black Speculative Fiction authors.

Kinda wouldn't be a list without highlighting the creators of Black Speculative Fiction Month more than once! XD In this "Sword and Soul" novel, we are taken to a 15th century Kongo(Which is now Northern Angola, Cabinda, the Republic of the Congo and the Western portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) where a young prince seeks revenge for not only the death of his father, but the liberation of his family and people.

In this "Sword and Soul" SFF novel, two brothers fight for the acceptance, redemption, a journey that leads them the find their true fate. Black twins as main characters? Kinda sold me there. I believe they live in a fictional setting known as Uhuru. But if it isn't fictional, it is most likely an area in Eastern or South Eastern Africa, as "Uhuru" is the Swahili word for "freedom."

Also gotta highlight Balogun Ojetade, co-creator of Black Speculative Fiction Month. Set in an alternative pre-colonial Africa(Onile, Most likely Western Africa; Nigeria), "Once Upon a Time in Afrika" follows a princess and her father's goal to marry her off to the strongest suitor. Many come to battle for her hand in the grand martial arts tournament, but are they prepared for an unexpected evil coming their way?

Nancy Farmer obviously doesn't shy away from writing books with main characters of color. "A Girl Named Disaster" features an 11 year old girl escaping an arranged marriage to a cruel husband. Originally from Mozambique, through the help spiritual guides in this magic realism novel, she hopes to find her father's family in Zimbabwe for a better life.

What would you do if you found out your recently deceased father was Anansi, the West African trickster god and you inherited a brother along the way? "Anansi Boys" features a black main character who finds out he's the son of a god, and finds out he has a demigod for a brother. It challenges his normal, will his life ever be the same?

Based on Senegalese folklore, "Redemption In Indigo" follows the exploits of a woman who gains a very powerful item, which gives her the power to manipulate subtle forces in the world. But you always knows what happens when you gain power? A threat will always seek to steal that power. How will her story unfold? Click to check it out!


For comic lovers! So Im going to go for the absolute obvious choice. While she needs absolutely no introduction, and you would have to be living under a rock to NOT know who she is, let me break it down for ya.
Arguably one of the most well known female comic book characters, Ororo Munroe is half Kenyan on her mother's side. She is to X-men what Chun-Li is to Street Fighter. For most of us, the First Lady of Marvel can basically sit there, open a bag of potato chips, do nothing and still be fabulous.

But since she's too busy saving the world with her X-men crew, she simply does not have time to be anything but epic.

We need a Storm film, but there is actually a fan made one coming out soon. Come on people, we don't need Hollywood to convince us our heroes are worth something. Support indie projects like "Rain: A Fan Film about Storm!" We gotta see this woman on the big screen, and we now have the power to do it.


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