Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Week of our Diversity Month Event! -Twinja Book Reviews 2nd Annual Diversity Month+Kindle Fire 6" and Book Giveaway!

We're so sad to say our Diversity Month is almost over =(

We've hosted amazing interviews featuring agents, authors, librarians and bloggers, all in the name of diversity, and we can't wait to start preparing for next year's event.

We have just a few days left in this month, so we wanted to make sure everyone stayed tuned for our last guests! 

Our last guests are personal favorites, in terms of giving both Libertad and I growth, as far as the diversity conversation and making our representation stronger with how we handle marginalizations that we may lack the knowledge in ourselves. We've gotten the chance to meet one of our last guests(as well as a few of our other guests this month) but his words meant so much to us when we heard him speak at 2014's BookCon. 

And our blogger guest, her blog has taught us more about Gender/Sexuality and Disability Equality than we could have ever known. It's such an honor to be able to have her, we honestly don't think there's a better blog out there that details representation better than her.

So here's the schedule:

Week Five
December 29th: Blogger Interview w/ Social Activist and Novelist @ The Goldfish

December 30th: Author Interview w/ Lamar Giles, Author of "Fake ID" and upcoming release "Endangered"

December 31st: Home Post "Why We Do Diversity Month" and our December "Martial Artist Spotlight


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