Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kickstarter Projects make me go broke!: Castor's Easy Readers by Castor Tales
Kickstarter will be the death of us!

So I'm sure everyone has a kryptonite on causes that'll make them broke XD 

Inclusion in books will always be that cause we fight for. There probably isn't a greater cause in publishing than inclusion in books for children and teens.

There are all these new mediums to find and fund inclusive content and it's pretty common knowledge that the publishing industry isn't always the best at positive, inclusive content.

Publishing independently is quite a challenge. We've learned that ourselves how expensive it is, which is why it sucks that it isn't taken as seriously as traditional publishing =(

Crowdfunding is one of those awesome mediums looking for folks like me to loose a few bucks to help out causes or works that have a message and Castor's Easy Readers by Castor Tales is a really good one! 

I read an easy reader book last year based on the heavy content of the book and thought about how public schools tend to fail kids. I was probably a kid that last time I'd read easy reader book before then, but I remember being in middle/high school(before home school) and there were kids my age who had such a difficult time reading, thinking back, I wish we'd had more diverse reading material. Especially with folks with learning disabilities or that just struggling reading in general.

Castor Tales is a set of three different books all with children of color as major characters(I swoon a little bit at the Black vampire😍) in fantastical settings where they're their own heroes.

Three awesome illustrators by the names of Brittany Ngo, Courtney Hicks and MJ Erikson, team up with NYT/USA Today bestselling author Ellie Ann to create three lovely books that explore race and gender in ways children's books don't often go.

This project is about 8 days away from ending and it could really use folks that see the message behind it to contribute even a buck to it's awesomesauce cause😍 

There are a ton of great rewards for every budget. This would be a great addition to anyone's shelf or bedtime story time!


  1. I am so glad you posted this! These are exactly what I'm looking to add to my library. I gave and, fingers crossed, they'll reach their goal! Thanks for sharing about it.


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