Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome to our new book blog!

Let me start by introducing Me and my twin sister. I am Libertad Araceli Tomas,first born and she is Guinevere Zoyana Tomas. Together we loooooove discussing our favorite topic in the world, BOOKS!!!

While we love many genres, if we had to sim it down it would always be a tie between YA and Fantasy. Why because books in those genres are so uplifting(sometimes) and fun. For the most part it's easy to feel ourselves walking in the lives of the characters of the books we read because many times the characters are pretty relatable. But if you're like us you just feel as though something is absent from what could make good fantasy and YA books, great fantasy and YA books.

Hmmm....if you haven't guessed yet, we'll let you in on a little secret. The main thing missing from really good YA and Fantasy novel are the lack of Diversity. We read a lot, so quite often it's not hard to notice that in a large percentage of the books that we read feature only Caucasian characters or Minorities that have features that mirror Caucasian people. While this is fine, because we don't let race stand in the way of relating to other people, It would be great to read more books that feature Non stereotypical Minorities as leading characters.

As aspiring authors ourselves we think that it's important to write content on not just things that you know and are familiar with but with concepts that reflect the nation, or better yet THE WORLD!Maybe publishing houses don't think these books would make any money, but i'm not sure how they would know that if they haven't taken many chances on work that caters to all people.

Growing up as kids, you don't realize how damaging not seeing people who look like you on tv, or in ads, or in books. You start believing that there is one standard of beauty and begin to convince yourself that you're not it. So we think that it's really important to uplift a young persons' confidence while their still at ages where influence is a big part of their lives.

The best way of doing this in our opinion is through books.While TV, film and print are still important, Kids spend a large percentage of their days at school learning. And part of that is reading books. Whether you're a fan of Twilight or not,that book had many young girls reading again at a time where reading had slowed down among young women. While the content of the book isn't exactly life changing or deep, There isn't a day that I walk in the YA section of a Barnes & Noble and see tons of teenage girls lined up for new releases or browsing current hits to see what they can put on their "next to buy"list. So why not use this as a tool for introducing ideas and images that 

We hope to introduce you to our favorite books, and through thorough research find books that feature our favorite themes like interracial friendship and relationships. Also we will be sharing our journey through the world of self publishing with you so hopefully you can embark on this journey with us.Thanks for reading :)



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