Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The major themes missing in book genres geared towards a multicultural audience

As a woman of color, it's not easy to say that while I wish there were more books with WOC leads,Im generally much more drawn to white authors because it seems as if they receive more freedom in what and how they write,and are more likely to make mainstream than my fellow POC(People of Color) or WOC(Women of color) authors.

Mind you,there a bunch of great, talented and recently up and coming authors many may know by name(Marie Lu, Susan Ee, N.K. Jemisin, Malorie Blackman, Zoraida Córdova and obviously many more)but they just arent given the exposure, marketing and chances that a mainstream author may receive =/

While I'd like to see more latina roles written diversely(even though i enjoyed The Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, her only Afro-latina was described as a Beyonce type with light skin and blond hair)I think just more WOC would be refreshing. Even if they are biracial, can they look darker than Halle Berry, more East Asian than Kristen Kreuk and have more South Asian features like Mindy Kaling, and not always resemble the white side and favor it more than their other heritage?

There are quite a few biracial women whom are biracial and look solely Black or Asian or Indigenous. Q'orianka Kilcher is half indigenous peruvian and half white,but looks very Quechau despite still having European features. Mavis Spencer(Alfre Woodard's daughter) has a white father, but she has such a deep rich complexion, most would assume she's not biracial. There isnt one look for biracial! There might be a common look but it isnt the only one!

Also, I'd love to see more diversity in shapes in sizes. ALL WOMEN ARE THIN, FRAIL AND CHOOSE TO DESCRIBE THEMSELVES THIS WAY. I know we as a human race have not evolved to understand that not everyone is pencil thin. But could there at least be some room for an athletic body? Or even a person who isnt fat, but isnt quite thin either? Is that asking too much?

And I know there is a common fear of the disabled. Even the word overtime has become a dirty word much like racial slurs, and other makes one think of it as a disease that you can somehow catch if you touch the person. I think I would very much like to see a female heroine(even if it did take me time to understand what it was like to be disabled) whom used her mind, wit and cleverness to solve her problems despite being in a wheelchair or a character whom was blind.

There are alot of subjects you can touch, but I better leave it at that :) 


  1. multicultural heroes/heroins might not be a mainstream thing but there are books with said heroes/heroins.


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