Wednesday, May 29, 2013

She-Zow. A transgender superhero geared towards children

Was scrolling on facebook and this article really caught my eye.

Mind you, transgendered heroes are certainly nothing new(if you watch anime or read an occasional comic book, you've obviously seen a few). But from my experience, subjects like sexual orientation is typically geared toward an older audience. This cartoon will be geared towards a younger audience.

Im interested in this cartoon. It's about a boy whom transforms into a girl superhero. For me, I've watched animes like Sailormoon and Souleater, so to be honest, Im not seeing anything truly unique. But considering those types of shows are typically geared towards my age group, She-Zow Im hoping wont be too offensive, or too unbelievable.

Reading the sequel to Eona, there is a major character whom is a transgender woman, and his character is one of the ones on the favorites list for me. And Im open to books that feature transgender identity.

I'll be the first to admit a few years ago, I didn't quite understand the transgender identity. There is still apart of me that still does not understand. Mind you, I don't quite understand homosexuality, but I'm definitely not against it. I wont bore anyone with a "love is colorblind" speech. But I have begun to believe, like homosexuality, that being transgender is not a choice. I wake up everyday, and see a Black face in the mirror. Ignoring race is just not wired in me. And I think most people know being Black anywhere, while I wouldn't choose to be anything else, I don't really have a choice in who others see me, based solely on my race.Going back to my original idea, that as difficult as it is to be homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or whatever the world does not deem as "The Standard", I don't think anyone would CHOOSE to live anymore difficult than they have to.

So years of struggling with the idea of transgender identity(and lots of Law and Order:SVU), while I admit I still don't understand it, I fully embrace the idea of exploring it further, even if I never completely understand it. I think this is fair. Im sure a non Black individual could be interested in the struggle of Blacks(my Danish pen pal is very intrigued ;p ), but her being white, she may never truly understand it 100%. 

As I said, with waking up in the morning, I not only see a Black girl, I also see a woman. I love everything about being a woman. If anyone ever forced me to be anything but a woman, I would probably be miserable. I dont think it would be right to force anyone to be anything more or less than what they feel.

With that being said

Let there be equality for all walks of life :)


  1. OMG!!! I am so in love with your blog! I think it is a great idea and it's sort of something I was/am trying to do with my blog, just in a different way! My blog, The Muses Circle, is a way for me to review multiple different formats-- I love all kinds of books, movies, AND tv series. And I have issues with just focusing on one type of genre-- one minute I am reading an erotic romance, in the next I could be reading a memoir, etc., etc.

    Also--and I guess this is the teacher in me-- I love spreading not only cultural awareness, but I love educating/introducing people to controversial topics. I am a strong believer in gay rights (and that is completely cool that you are confused about certain aspects of homosexuality and/or transgendered people. What I deeply respect about you is the fact that you are willing to learn-- there are so many people out there that are closed minded and won't even attempt to think outside the box, ya know?). Also, I am bi-racial (mom is Italian and dad is African American) and I was teased horribly when I was a little girl because of the color of my skin. Being made fun made me not only strong, but opened my eyes to bullying. I absolutely DETEST bullying of any kind.

    OMG my comment is getting way out of control! I am so sorry for my rant! I am just excited about your blog! Anyway, so I have a couple recommendations and in return PLEASE feel free to stop by my blog and leave me comments with links to your new posts with any recommendations you may have for me!

    Every summer me and my mother go to the Philadelphia Q-fest, a film festival that hosts gay, lesbian, transgendered films. One summer I came across this movie called ROMEOS. I think you will like it-- not only is it a romance but it may help with your confusion on transgendered people. You can go HERE to read my review on that movie.

    Also, you don't get to see many African American Paranormal romances out there and a few years ago I came across LA Banks's Surrender the Dark. Sadly, LA Banks passed away, so she only released 2 books in the series and I haven't had the heart to read book 2 yet. But you can check out my review for book 1 HERE. And please excuse the old format of that particular review. I haven't had the chance to update the format of my older reviews.

    Okay well this comment needs to end now before you think I am a raving lunatic! You probably already do if you made it this far lol! Your blog truly RAWKS! Definitely keep me posted on your reviews as I sometimes lose track of my favorite blogs I like to visit.

    Best Wishes!
    Mia @ The Muses Circle

  2. Just got your message you left on my blog but figured to reply back here so I know you will get it! We are definitely not so different!

    People have this misconception that if you have dark skin then you are African American and if you are African American then you speak a certain way (ebonics or 'ghetto' talk, such a huge stereotype!), etc. etc. These are all stereotypes and misconceptions. Although my dad is African American, he hung out with predominantly white friends while growing up and never had that "ebonics" way of talking. Hell, my dad was in a rock band when he was a teenager! So my dad totally did not fit that mold and neither do I. Actually, most people think I am white (like a dark Italian) or Latina. It's just sad that people can be so closed minded. Then again, maybe this world needs more people like us to help spread awareness!

    Your background is so very interesting! My boyfriend is 100% Puerto Rican and it took him awhile to figure out my family dynamics lol. And I am still learning his.

    Well, thank you for following my blog no matter when you started doing so! I put yours under the little section of the favorite blogs I like to follow, so hopefully that will be my reminder to come check it out every week :)

    If I come across anything interesting, I promise to let you know. And please do the same! Oh, you may want to check out this movie called Gun Hill Road. It's another one I saw at Philadelpha's Q-Fest that opened my eyes to people that are transgendered.

    Love ya!
    Mia @ The Muses Circle

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