Friday, July 5, 2013

Who returns books just because they don't like them?

I'm wondering this to myself because I've never ever returned a book just because i didn't enjoy it.
Not that I'm ridiculing anyone who does this, but I mean is it really fair to read a book and then return it just because you didn't like it. It's like eating at an unfamiliar restaurant and ordering something you've never ordered before.

Would you eat the entire plate of food before deciding you don't like it and don't want to pay for it?

I'm sure it has to hurt the author of the book somehow. Which is why i have mixed thoughts about it. If I didn't like something, then I didn't like it. But that doesn't mean i'll return it. If anything I'd just donate it or sell it on Amazon because what I didn't like, someone may love.

What are some thoughts about this?

photo credit: Salem (MA) Public Library via photopin cc


  1. It would never occur to me to return a book because I didn't like it. That'd be like returning a candy wrapper after eating the chocolate bar because I decided I didn't like it after all. If I really, really didn't like the book, I'd give it away.

  2. It's never even entered my head! Are you actually allowed to return a book? Couldn't you just say you didn't like even if you read the whole thing??

  3. I've never returned a book and I don't think I'll start doing it anytime soon, I'd probably donate it or swap it in a used book store.
    I especially don't agree with Amazon's return policy on ebooks. I think it's unfair for the author.


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