Monday, December 2, 2013

Are you catching up on Balogun Ojetade? Good! Check out this week's list of interviews!

Hope everyone's reading and enjoying a sit down with Balogun Ojetade. He delighted us by being our first guest for our month long spree of interviews. Were still working out the aesthetics for our giveaway(Just look at it this way, more and more authors are donating books, we're just trying to get everything ready for everyone to enter!) but in the meantime, here's a list of this week one's sit down:

December 2nd: Balogun Ojetade- Steampunk Author of "Moses: The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman"
December 3rd: Lisa T.Cresswell- Fiction Author of "Hush Puppy"
December 4th: Rachel Halpern- Entrepreneur/ Diversity in Fiction enthusiast
December 5th: Ruth De Jauregui- Author and creator of "Alien Star Books"
December 6th: Heather Heffner- SFF Author of "Year of the Wolf"
December 7th: Tricia Drammeh- Paranormal Fiction Author of "The Claiming Words" and "The Seance"
December 8th: Jacinda Buchmann- SFF Author of "Indigo Incite"
December 9th-Beyond: Schedule TBD

Since this is a blog that promotes diversity, know that all whom are featured promote diversity and multiculturalism in their own way. Hence why we placed "multicultural" next to their genres!


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