Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This year on twinja Book Reviews!

We started up back in March of 2013. Our first post was sloppy and we had little direction XD(First Post). It wasnt until after we began reading books with no marginalized groups, that we really took it upon ourselves to promote diversity.

As a person of color, and female, it is very hard not to get excited about diversity. Were going on 2014 and at times, you can still feel invisible in this world if you are not white, male, cis gendered, straight, able bodied and Christian. I think we still have a very long way to go. But we can start by trying harder to read and demand more books featuring diversity.

My Little Pocketsbooks is hosting a diversity reading challenge starting in January. One can sign up here. Many other blogs try promote such things. Blogs I tend to often go back to I wanted to highlight for the end of the year:

Elfswood: Dream/Escape/Read
My Little Pocketbooks
Rich In Color
Diversify YA
Diverse Pages
Offbeat YA
The Black Girls Club
Alien Star Books

We reached over 15,000 views in 9 months. With a full year to start for 2014, we hope to double that as our New Year's resolution! Diversity takes a long time to get the word out, so we are not looking for get a million views a year. That would be nice =) But what we really want are people how actively seek and love reading or writing diversity in their own way. We keep this blog going for those who know there has to be more than just black and white situations. We hope you all stay tuned. And with that note, anyone have any goals for 2014?


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